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English composition is admired 10 pieces

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One, oneselfConstructionProblem

1, build self-confidence

Building Up Self-Confidence

Self-confidence, as Is Approved By Research And Practice, has An Amazingly Powerful Influence OnThe Output Of People ' S Activities. Patients Who Believe That They ' Ll Recover Soon Generally Cures Faster Than Those Who Think They Won ' T. Students With Optimistic Characters Usually Provide Better Performance, even If They Work The Same Hard As Others. Although Someone May Regard Such Conclusion As Superstitious, it Does Take Place Everyday And Everywhere. Neural Scientists Have Discovered That, when A Man Feels Confident, his Brain Will Secrete Some Kinds Of Hormone That Boost Brain Activity And Improve The Efficiency Of His Immune System. In Contrast, a Melancholic Brain Is Suppressed By Other Chemicals And Cannot Fully Exhibit Its Potential.

To Help Building Up Self-confidence, you Can Take The Following Two Steps. First, identify Your Merits And Value Them. If You Constantly Compare Your Weakness To Others ' Advantages, you ' D Only Gain Frustration Rather Than Confidence. Second, track Every Little Progress You ' Ve Made And Review Them Frequently. You May Not Possibly Become Perfectly Successful In One Day, but If Only You Can See Yourself Growing Gradually, surely You ' Re On The Right Way. There ' Re Also Other Methods Making You More Confident That Depend On Yourself To Find Out, and They ' Re All Necessary Elements To Make You More Competitive In Your Area.


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