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How to stress the focal point in the sentence

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Effective sentence should have a key, and want outstanding focal point.

Sentential key can adopt following method, try to highlight:

1. Place the emphasis in sentence head or sentence end.

General and theory, the most conspicuous position is to be in " sentence end, it is to be in next sentence head, the position among is the most insipid, lack be apt to but old.

For example:

(1) Incorrect Grammar And Improper Construction Invariably Distract Readers'attention.

(2)The History Of Vocabulary Is, in Many Ways, the Record Of Civilisation.

Put the emphasis in sentence end is to plant " condole appetite " method, reader or auditor have to are read or listen complete sentence cannot.

2. Be in complex sentence in, put main clause after subordinate clause.

Besides substantival subordinate clause and adjectival subordinate clause, because their position is fixedder, the place that a few there is to plant in adverbial subordinate clause is agile, can appear before main clause, also can follow after main clause. Normally we shift to an earlier date such adverbial subordinate clause, the key is put in the main clause of jian hou mian, be like (3b) :

(3a) I Came Upon An Old Classmate When I Went To Town Yesterday.

(3b) When I Went To Town Yesterday, I Came Upon An Old Classmate.

Adverbial phrase is more such, be like (4b) :

(4a) Steel Is Commonly Used To Make Knives, razors And Other Useful Tools Because Of Its Durability.

(4b) Beacuse Of Its Durability, steel Is Commonly Used To Make Knives, razers And Other Useful Tools.

3. More important or the term that has weight is put in jian hou mian, be like (5b) and (6b) :

(5a) I Was Delighted And Amused By The Classical Opera

(5b) I Was Amused And Delighted By The Classical Opera.

(6a) That Singer's Life Was Tragic And Brief.

(6b) That Singer's Life Was Brief And Tragic.

4. the sentence in a series of the permutation that the project makes logic. For example:

(7) Tony Ate His Dinner, watched TV, and Then Went To Bed.

(8) Were You Bored With Years Of Study In Elementary School, high School And Institute Of Higher Education?

5. When necessary, repeat important phraseology or concept.

For example:

(9) Jackie Enjoys The Company Of Ladies. He Likes Their Beauty, he Likes Their Delicacy, he Likes Their Vivacity, and He Likes Their Silence.

(10) ... The Land Stretched Out Without Names. Nameless Headlands Split The Surf; Nameless Lakes Reflected The Nameless Mountains And Nameless Rivers Flowed Through Nameless Valleys And Nameless Bays.

6. Use as far as possible say condition actively, accordingly (11b) than (11a) good:

(11a) A Pedestrian Was Struck On The Head By A Flying Stone.

(11b) A Flying Stone Struck A Pedestrian On The Head.

7. Appropriate time, usable inverted sentence and parallel sentence, be like:

(12) Seven Dwarfs Lived Here In The Centre Of The Dark Forest. → Here, in The Centre Of The Dark Forest Lived Seven Dwarfs.

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