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Hold to 8 English to compose regulations

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1.Organize Your Thoughts Before Writing: Brainstorm, Make An Outline, Etc. Feeling of the conformity before begin to write or paint: Mental agitate, draw up compendium.

2.Write Clearly. Be Concise. Avoid Wordiness. WritingClear, cut without fail, avoid verbosity.

3.Use Good Grammar And Write Complete Sentences. Those who had used is grammatical, draw up complete sentence.

4.Write Simple Sentences. Avoid A Fancy Style. Try brief simple sentence, avoid to spend spruce syntax.

5.Avoid Slang, Cliche And Informal Words. Avoid slang, cliche and informal with the word.

6.Avoid Use OfThe First Person (i.e. I/me/my) Unless Necessary To Specific Piece. Unless necessary, avoid to use the first person: Be like " I / my " .

7.Writing Naturally. Read It Aloud. Does It Sound Natural? Does It Flow? Natural brandish is aspersed, read aloud aloud. Does whole article sound natural? Clear and coherent?

8.Move Logically From One Idea To The Next. Don't Skip Steps. A meaning falls to want on logical. Do not be without art of composition to frisk.

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