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Business affairs English composes: About safe sentence

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  The Cover Shall Be Limited To Sixty Days Upon Discharge Of The Insured Goods From The Seagoing Vessel At The Final Port Of Discharge. Be left in discharge of port of discharging by insurance goods after seagoing vessel, insurance liability with 60 days of in the limit of.

We Generally Insure W.P.A. On C.I.F. Sales.

Trade by C.I.F, we keep with particular average commonly.

The Additional Premium Is For The Buyer ' S Account.

Addition cost by buyer burden.

We Adopt The Warehouse To Warehouse Clause Which Is Commonly Used In International Insurance.

We use international in insurance idiomatic " the storehouse is right storehouse " liability clause.

We Cover Insurance On The 100 Tons Of Wool.

We deal with insurance for these 100 tons of abb.

We Cannot Comply With Your Request For Insuring Your Order For 130% Of Its Invoice Value.

We cannot order goods for you deal with by invoice amount the insurance of 130% .

‰ of This Kind Of Additional Risk Is Coverable At 2.

The insurance premium of this kind of additional risk is 2 millesimals.

This Risk Is Coverable At A Premium Of... % .

This risk is to press. . . The premium rate of % is cast protect.

Please Cover Us On (cover For Us) The Goods Detailed Below: ?

Be sure to undermentioned goods please:

Insurance On The Goods Shall Be Covered By Us For 110% Of The CIF Value, and Any Extra Premium For Additional Coverage, if Required, shall Be Borne By The Buyers. Will by us the invoice amount according to C.I.F the 110% insurance that handle this money, if need, additional the cost that raises insurance will be assumed by buyer.

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