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Elegant think of writing high component to talk: Of thinking of the sex that thi

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  EnglishShould try kindWritingThe method is inChinaThe controversy inside limits had lasted for a long time. The both sides of the controversy at the same time the importance with complex sentence of loudly appeal to the public, at the same time also ground of do one's best is appealing an article must of character have thing. Actually both the element that all composes for English, not contradictory, just be to be in differentExamThe focal point that emphasizes in differs. If look to this problem not lucid, indecipherable also why some examinee GRE writing can be taken an examination of (full marks 6 minutes) and relatively simple a lot of IELTS writing can take 6 minutes common only however (full marks 9 minutes) just. This shows sees the value of clear exam essence.

The English that contacts in author place takes an exam (TOEFL, IELTS, GRE, very clear distinction can feel in SAT) . Because the exam of GRE and SAT is the examinee that basically be aimed at mother tongue is English, accordingly its exam property already was in not just language level, and in examinee of the check on older rateThinking, ask the article is reflected on language foundationThink of differentiateQuality, need character have thing. And the exam property of TOEFL and IELTS is different, they are the language exam of the examinee that is not English to mother tongue, consequently Cong Mou is planted degree comes up the validity that says to pay attention to language itself more and control ability, to considering debate make an on-the-spot investigation to did not include formal standards of grading almost.

So, the writing that whether can you show IELTS ought to Where is the exercise of oversight thinking? Not be of course.

In the Chinese examinee that contacts in the author, Elegant think ofThe difficulty of writing is in not justSyntacticWith wording, the more essential a bit basic logic that is thinking. Here author was used " basic logic " in order to distinguish in preamble " the sex that think of differentiate " . The degree late demand that both distinction depends on latter is high difficulty is great, and former be the requirement with basic and clear and coherent article stops only. Change character, former it is Logically Make Sense, latter is Make Logical Wonder. But those who make a person anxious is, although ask student of very much China,compose with Chinese occasionally elegant consider a composition, still can feel its article proves logistic disorder, context connection is incompact, appear even the awkward occasion of be unable to advance any further arguments to justify oneself. Because this author thinks, during the English that blots out the sky and cover up the earth in home composes pattern plate to run rampant, this is research writing, especially the student that English composes and teacher should transform thought when. Just think, if take pattern plate of a few compositions to be able to walk along the world to not be afraid of, if this is not the distress of this kind of exam, it is the distress of this kind of language certainly so. Besides, if of China elegant ponder over ability of unripe logistic thinking general weakness, so the huge hole that we see thinking go up with respect to the level that should jump over English. Mend the fold after a sheep is lost, when be not late.

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