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The origin that the Christmas blocks

The origin that the Christmas blocks

Christmas Cards

The Custom Of Sending Christmas Cards Started In Britain In 1840 When The First 'Penny Post' Public Postal Deliveries Began. As Printing Methods Improved, christmas Cards Were Produced In Large Numbers From About 1860. They Became Even More Popular In Britain When A Card Could Be Posted In An Unsealed Envelope For One Half-penny - Half The Price Of An Ordinary Letter.

Traditionally, christmas Cards Showed Religious Pictures - Mary, joseph And Baby Jesus, or Other Parts Of The Christmas Story. Today, pictures Are Often Jokes, winter Pictures, father Christmas, or Romantic Scenes Of Life In Past Times.

The custom that sends Christmas check begins to be in England 1840, start when system of post of public of " of post of penny of the first " . As presswork technical development, to 1860 Christmas card has produced very large amount. Christmas card is to should use bawbee truly in England by the welcome is OK when sending a piece to need not believe inside front cover sealedly.

Christmas card is the greeting card that congratulates the Christmas and New Year, traditional Christmas is imprinting above card be born about Jesus the photograph of the drawing of the story and religious property, develop the sundry picture picture that Christmas card has a lot of today, resemble the picture of a few humour, the picture of santa Claus, the picture of vintage and romantic love is waited a moment.

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