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Write the Christmas card is necessary (the Christmas of English is blessed langu

Write the Christmas card is necessary (the Christmas of English is blessed language)

Merry Christmas! Merry christmas!

Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year. Respect Zhu Sheng birth, congratulate is fond of newly.

Best Wishes On This Holiday Season. Display on the most cordial festival is blessed.

Wishing You And Yours A Merry Christmas This Holiday Season. At festival, wish your family merry christmas.

We Wish You A Merry Christmas. We wish your merry christmas.

Wishing You A Beautiful Holiday Season. The festival is happy.

Happy Holidays! Festal joy!

Season's Greetings. Arrange the Qi when eulogy.

Wishing You A White Christmas. Wish the Christmas that you have a silvery white.

Have You Been Naughty Or Nice This Year? Are you good this year?

Don't Forget To Hang Up The Sock! Did not forget to hang a sock!

We've Had A Rather Uneventful Year! We spent a year when do not have a thing in safety

May The Holidays Fill Your Heart With Happiness. Wish you the festival is happy.

Give parental beatific signal.

Mom And Dad: Thank You For Everything This Holiday Season!

Father mother: At festival, thank everything what what you give.

I'll Be Home To Enjoy This Christmas With You.

My general comes home to spend happy festival time in all with you.

A Present From Me Is On The Way. Hope You'll Like It.

Send a gift, hope you can like.

I Wish I Were Home For The Holidays.

I wish I can come home,spend happy festival time in all.

Thinking Of You At Christmas Time.

Christmas festival, I miss you.

Best Wishes From Mark, janet And The Kids.

Mark, Janet and children, show the most cordial blessing sincerely.

Warmest Thoughts And Best Wishes Form Your Daughter.

Send infinite longing and the best wish, your daughter.

A Holiday Wish From Your Son Tom.

Send the blessing of festival, your son Tom sincerely yours.

May You Have The Best Christmas Ever.

Wish you spend a the happiest christmas day.

Merry Christmas To The World's Best Parents!

Wish the best parental merry christmas on the world!

Season's Greetings To My Dearest Parents!

Wish me most dear parents festival is happy!

Give beatific signal of the division commander

Much Joy To You In The Upcoming Year.

Wish you are full of joy in a new year.

Thank You For All You Have Done For Us.

Thank everything what what you do for us.

We'll Be Here After The New Year.

After New Year passes, we can come back again.

We Won't Forget You This Holiday Season.

In holiday, we won't forget you.

Thank You For Your Hard Work And Patience On This Holiday Season.

At festival, sincerely arduous to yours help advance somebody's career thanks.
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