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Writing is necessary: The 10 big distinction of Chinese and English

One, EnglishWeigh a structure, chinese weighs semantics

Our country famous linguisticsDomestic Wang LiThe gentleman once had said: "Talk with respect to sentential structure, western language is law, the person studies Chinese language. " (" Chinese grammar is academic " , " king force collected works " hank, the 35th page, shandong teachs a press, 1984)

We have a look at the example below:

Children Will Play With Dolls Equipped With Personality Chips, computers With Inbuilt (make fixed device, inside built-in wall; Immanent, inherent) Personalities Will Be Regarded As Workmates Rather Than Tools, relaxation Will Be In Front Of Smell Television, and Digital Age Will Have Arrived.

Translation: Children general and the rag baby amuse oneself of individual character chip, the computer that has the place inside individual character will be regarded as working associate and not be a tool, people will be recreational before taste TV, come to times of this duration word.

This English is become independent by 4 sentence those who form is paratactic sentence, before 3 sentences are used when will coming simply, what the last sentence uses is in the future when finishing, the concern between the sentence indicates as clear as dayly through tense, comma and paratactic conjunction And. And Chinese translation is simple narration apparently, the semantic show that carries a sentence completely as to the relation between the sentence comes out: Before 3 sentences can regard paratactic relation as, the last sentence shows a result.

2, English how long sentence, chinese is much shorter sentence

Because English is the language of " law " , the mistake should not appear on the structure only, a lot of meanings often can be put in to grow sentence in expression; Chinese criterion as it happens is contrary, because be " person,treat " , semantics is conveyed directly through word word, different meaning often is passed those who differ is short sentence expression comes out. As a result of this reason, one's deceased father grind Ying Yihan examination questions is long and complex sentence 100 percent almost, and the interpreter often became a lot of short sentences into Chinese.

For example: Interest In Historical Methods Had Arisen Less Through External Challenge ToThe Validity Of History As An Intellectual Discipline (of body and mind take exercise, train; Discipline, disciplinal, the command is obedient; Chasten, penalty; Course, course) And More From Internal Quarrels Among Historians Themselves.

Translation: People generated interest to historical research technique, because,this says with its is exterior the effectiveness that regards a knowledge as course to the history posed a challenge, because historian interior produced brawl,still be inferior to saying is.
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