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English major project composes experience

EnglishProfessional project composes experience

Write the crucial period of project to a year again, see the writing experience of others, helpful perhaps. I tried to arrange the English major project on a forum to compose experience, offer reference.

Pick way

Determine oneself direction first, for instance literature, linguistics, interpreter is waited a moment, consider to specific what write again next. Literature was written to rot, linguistics is more as dry as a chip, culture direction? Can you write contrast of work of literature of Chinese and Western? Really impracticable!

Culture kind subject matter, tell the truth I am not quite familiar. Be in actually phase of whole undergraduate course, english majorLearnThe course of culture is too little, ourselves is very finite also to the analytic ability of culture phenomenon, write rise the meeting is more demanding, so culture kind I still do not carry subject matter to give what opinion really, want the word that I suggest, still write literature.

Will discuss the subject that likes choose most to Chinese student is literature, but the person that reads origianl work is very few, actually literature is written the hardest. My university when discharged a foreword (normal school kind) , pedagogy - linguistics - interpreter - literature, by Yi Jian difficult.

Actually lingustic thing had better write thesis, because analyse,rise very logistic. Language organization is lightly also.

University when lazy, did not write literature, those who write is the speech inside linguistics, looked for a data to expend some of effort really at the outset, (periodical and the data that pass print to go up are very few) , but after be being written, looked twice to the adviser actually with respect to final version. Rejoin to also pass very easily. If must pick literature, must manage first clear thinking, english paper likes to be in have sth in mind as a child, extend live the big question of and so on. Undergraduate course paper asks actually is not very complex, not be to research a book certainly, the research below a lot of circumstances one therein piece OK. Besides the novel, still can write Thespian. Sha drama, the experiment is Thespian, fantastic is Thespian, can write.

Say normally, undergraduate course paper studies an article, master paper studies a book, doctor, study a person.

2 selection of subject

1 selection of subject does not play fresh

My experience is, write project to must write his to be familiar with, the thing that special the highroad changes, not additional monarch paths, reach for what is beyond one's grasp play fresh.

Remember me be in select material when, begin the thing that is the modernistic and so on in choosing image of Pang heart poetry, and decide Chinese and Western is comparative, the plan is grand. The school arranged a when American literature studies inside the department distinguished professor technically still to give my complementary introduction article. As a result I communicate with the adviser, with respect to discovery I think too simply, a lot of things know a few fur only, return the level that digs greatly downward not quite at all. The adviser says, you still look for a bit more familiar subject matter, sureness writes the thing that orders his.
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