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(one) animal analogy
ChineseAndEnglishThere is many figure of speech in, however, the analogy that understands another kind of language often nots allow easy. LearnEnglish student may touch on such sentence: "You Chicken! " He Cried Looking At Tom With Contempt. (" you this craven! " he looks at Tom disdainfully to. ) (either " you this chicken " . )

The Stork Visited The Howard Johnstons Yesterday. (Howard? Home Johnston added a child yesterday. ) (either " be a guest of bird having marabou " . ) the student encounters such sentence, if do not know Chicken points to " craven " or " craven " , do not know A Visit By The Stork points to " the child is born " , may feel scratch one's head over. When the person that tells English learns Chinese, also can be opposite the sentence below feels incomprehensible: "You are really ursine! " " that fellow resembles a mud to look at simply! " " that fellow resembles a mud to look at simply!!

The person that tells English and Chinese are very different to associating ursinely. They think bear is very feral, dangerous animal, think the bear in the zoo or wild animal gardens is piquant and naughty possibly also, comical and lovely; But will never resemble a Chinese in that way, think Xiong Yu is stupid, incompetent, useless. In proper context " you are really ursine " the likelihood is equivalent to " you are really stupid " , " you are really trashy " , " you are really weak " , " you are true feel vexed " etc justice. '

Much does not have slimy shovel in English country, people regards loach nevertheless is a kind of fish, won't think it is very clear, understand " slippery " transferred meaning: "Pliable " , " tricky " , " not frank " , " fluky " wait. Nevertheless, in there is a kind of view to follow Chinese really in English " forge of the slippery mud that get an elephant " this kind of analogy mixes on the meaning the just the same on feeling: Slippery As Aneel (the slippery eel that get an elephant) .

Discuss from the above-listed can see, people contacts certain quality or character and certain animal or object constantly. These character or character often can make the person generates some kind of reaction or sentiment again, although this kind associates very few or essential without what scientific basis. The character that associates and place causeAffectionOften also differ because of the nation and each different. In this chapter, we discuss a few figure of speeches that concern with birds and beasts only, and identical or what what cause people in these analogies in the environment of different culture is different associate.

Lift a few to associate first similar case.

He ' S As Sly As A Fox. He ' S Foxy. You ' Ve Got To Watch Him he slips so that resemble a fox. He is very tricky. To him you can want to be careful bit. )

You Ass! You Stupid Ass! How Could You Do A Thing Like That? ! (you this ass! You this ass! How does meeting doing give the sort of thing to come? ! )
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