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The composition is classical sentence pattern is summed up - Chinese English lea

It is chart sentence pattern to 7.

One. Ascendant growth

1. ... Add Up To... increased

Eg. The Total Amount Of... Added Up To 14 Billion Pounds(14%) In 1994.

2. To Jump To / To Soar To. . Achieve very quickly / jump...

Eg. The Total Working Days Lost Soared To 10 Million In 1979.

3. ... An Increase Of About... Percent As Compared With. . With... photograph comparing increased about...

Eg. In August As Many As 39 Car Accidents Were Reported, indicating An Increase Of About 79% As Compared With The Number Of January.

4. ... To Experience An Increase/incline... had growth

Eg. Tobacco Consumption Is Experiencing An Incline.

2. Drop, decrease

1. ... To Sink/drop/reduce To... decrease...

Eg. The Rate Of Strikes Sank/dropped To The Lowest Point In 1979.

2. ... To Experience A Decrease/decline... had decrease

Eg. Tobacco Consumption Is Experiencing A Decrease. Attention:

Decorate rise / reductive adverb has:

Expression of Rapidly Slowly Dramatically Respectively rises / the word of final position has reductive:

The Highest Peak The Lowest Point 10 Million 10%

3. Rise and fall

1. ... To Go Up And Down... rise and fall errant

Eg. The Strike Rate Went Up And Down During The Period From 1952 To 1967.

2. There Be Ups And Downs... have case have hot season

Eg. Between 1972 And 1979, there Were Several Ups And Downs In (some respect) .

4. Stable

1. ... To Remain Steady/level/unchanged... keep stable, change scarcely

Eg. The Rate Of... Remained Steady (fairly Level/almost Unchanged) During The Four Years From 1963 To 1967.

2. ... To Level Off (vi. ... To Level Off (vi..

Eg. After A Steady Decline For A Whole Decade, the... Rate Shows Signs Of Leveling Off.


Decorate rise and fall or the adverb of steady state has:

Almost Fairly can be used at expression to rise and fall, the phrase in the sentence of steady state or sentence pattern:

The General Situation Was Not Worsening

Show Indications Of Improvement

It Can Be Predicted That...
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