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Conquer 4 class write secret book: Practical writing method is recommended

Fold halberd heavy Sha Tie to be disappear, will grind oneself wash the face before admitting. " every timeUniversityEnglish4 classExam, a lot ofExamineeTotal meeting is in this " the battle that does not have smoke of gunpowder " embezzle suffers suffer. They always can be put in a such problems, 4 class take an exam why so difficult, what reason brings about him to always had not connected 4 class exam, how should improve English result again, how to pass university English 4 class take an exam (CET-4) . Especially to a lot of classmates that learn skill character, whether take an exam smoothly to protect what matter to them directly through 4 class grind qualification and future. Be aimed at above problem, I wrote this article designedly, adopt education and practice, the problem that exists to examinee and means of settlement make comprehensive ground anatomize, hope to everybody examinee can be helped somewhat.

4 classExamFrom 19 year had taken since 1987. Executed in June 2006 new 4 class take an exam, will begin the whole nation to will be carried out in the round December from this year new 4 class take an exam. To new 4 class take an exam, we can see clearly, although take an exam difficulty than slant somewhat before easy, but exam itself toEnglishmaking an on-the-spot investigation in the round is to strengthen however.

What just go is new 4 class take an exam, problem cent isWriting, read quickly, read audition, basically, the fill a vacancy that choose a word, be over model fill a vacancy and Han Yiying. With respect to my individual character, writing, audition and read (be read quickly and the foundation is read) it is a key, because of this examinee to this 3 parts notch how many, will decide the discretion of its exam mark directly.

We let ordinal come below analytic.

One, writing

(One) existence problem

1. Won't write

Alleged won't write those who point to is, had taken an article not to know how to do it when the exam, do not know how to carry a pen to undertake writing. The author thinks basically is existence the following two reasons: It is examinee cans say nothing really; 2 it is a heart in although have a word, but take hold forbid to should write which had better. Think many times then, indecisive, dare not carry a pen to undertake writing from beginning to end.
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