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Riant Smile

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When YouSmile, I Smile, that ' SThe Deal.

I Will Not Walk Past You And Not Look You In The Eyes And Not Acknowledge You.

Instead We Will Pass Each Other And Say Hello.

Not With Our Words, for They Are Not The Same; But With Our Faces.

I Meet You And I See There Is Good In Your Eyes, there's Passion In Your Heart And There's A Friendly Hello In Your Smile.

And For The First Time We Can Relate And Appreciate Each Other.

That ' S All It Takes, that ' S Where It Starts.

Because I Know That You Will Smile And I Will Smile And The Rest Is Easy.

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Smile when you, I also smile, our that's settled then.

I won't go to pass and do not look at your double eye beside you, won't give you any responses.

Contrary, we walk along outdated to be able to say to the other side each other: "Hello " .

Not be our language, because they are different; Use our face however.

I encounter you, I see happiness from inside your eye, glow is had in your heart, you are heard to say in still having the smiling expression from you " hello " .

This is we establish a relationship for the first time, admire each other for the first time.

It is so simple, everything begins momently from this.

Because I know you can smile, I can smile, it is very easy that everything meets the others

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