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Science confirms: Love is blind really
Scientists Have Shown That There Is A Degree Of Truth InThe Old Adage ThatLove Is Blind.

   ScientificPeople proof, that old maxim " love is blind " have stated reason.

They Have Found That Feelings Of Love Lead To A Suppression Of Activity In The Areas Of The Brain Controlling Critical Thought.

They discover the feeling of love can restrain cerebrum to control the active sex of area of critically sex thinking.

It Seems That Once We Get Close To A Person, the Brain Decides The Need To Assess Their Character And Personality Is Reduced.

It seems that once we are close to a person, cerebrum can decide to reduce the judge demand of pair of his disposition features.

The Study, by University College London, is Published In NeuroImage.

This research of London university institute is published in " nerve is become picture " on periodical.

The Researchers Found That Both Romantic Love And Maternal Love Produce The Same Effect On The Brain.

Investigator people discovery, romanticLoveThe effect that produces to cerebrum with mother love is identical.

They Suppress Neural Activity Associated With Critical Social Assessment Of Other People And Negative Emotions.

They are met in inhibitory nerve centre with the activity that undertakes to other evaluation of critically sex society and negative sentiment are concerned.

The UCL Team Scanned The Brains Of 20 Young Mothers While They Viewed Pictures Of Their Own Children, children They Were Acquainted With, and Adult Friends.

Seeing oneself child when 20 young mothers, the child that be familiar with and manhoodFriendwhen the photograph, the research group of London university institute undertook scanning to their cerebra.

The Team Found That The Patterns Of Brain Activity Were Very Similar To Those Identified In An Earlier Study Looking At The Effects Of Romantic Love.

The definite pattern when the pattern that studies the group discovers activity of this kind of cerebra and they study the effect of love before is very similar.

Both Studies Recorded Increased Activity In Parts Of The Brain's "reward System" .

These two research recorded cerebrum " redound mechanism " active sex enhances the part.

When These Areas Are Stimulated- - As They Can Be By Food And Drink, or Even Monetary Gain- - They Produce Feelings Of Euphoria.

The meeting when these area are stimulated produces cheerful feeling, food, beverage, even monetary profit can stimulate these area.

But Perhaps More Surprisingly, both Studies Also Showed Reduced Levels Of Activity In The Systems Necessary For Making Negative Judgements.

But more surprising is probably, these two consider to also show, the active sex level of the system that is used at making inactive judgement is reduced.

Lead Researcher Dr Andreas Bartels Said It Was Crucial That Both Romantic And Maternal Love Were Viewed By The Brain In A Highly Positive Way- - Because Both Were Crucial To The Perpetuation Of The Species.
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