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New TOEFL spoken language fors reference the English that middling uses is prove

1.A Bosom Friend Afar Brings A Distant Land Near. Sea memory is intimate, skyline is like near neighbour.

2.A Common Danger Causes Common Action. People in the same condition help each other.

3.A Contented Mind Is A Continual / Perpetual Feast. Chang Le of content with one's lot.

4.A Fall Into The Pit, a Gain In Your Wit. Eat one chasm, long one wisdom.

5.A Guest Should Suit The Convenience Of The Host. The guest is followed advocate.

6.A Letter From Home Is A Priceless Treasure. A letter from home touchs 10 thousand gold.

7.All Rivers Run Into The Sea. Reach the same goal by different routes.

8.All Time Is No Time When It Is Past. Can't afford to lose the opportunity, come no longer when.

9.An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away. A day an apple, healthy do not demand medical service.

10.As Heroes Think, so Thought Bruce. Heroic place sees be the same as slightly.

11.A Young Idler, an Old Beggar. Budding do not try hard, old apprentice hurts Bei.

12.Behind The Mountains There Are People To Be Found. Universal one day, there is mountain outside hill.

13.Bad Luck Often Brings Good Luck. A loss may turn out to be a gain, how to know to be not blessing.

14.Bread Is The Stall Of Life. Biscuit is the pillar of life. (Civilian it is a day in order to feed. (Civilian it is a day in order to feed..

15.Business Is Business. Do official business according to official principle.

16.Clumsy Birds Have To Start Flying Early. Clumsy birds have to start flying early-the slow need to start early.

17.Courtesy Costs Nothing. Ceremony much person is not strange.

18.Custom Makes All Things Easy. The habit becomes nature.

19.Desire Has No Rest. The person's desire is everlasting.

20.Difficult The First Time, easy The Second. Bout is unripe, 2 ripe.

21.Do Not Change Horses In Mid-stream. Not be among the river change horses.

22.Do Not Have Too Many Irons In The Fire. Bite off more than one can chew.

23.Do Not Pull All Your Eggs In One Basket. Do not put all eggs in a basket. (Do not want risk everything on a single venture. (Do not want risk everything on a single venture..

24.Do Not Teach Fish To Swim. Do not display his slight skill before an expert.

25.East Or West, home Is The Best. Run around here and there, or in the home good.
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