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Xiamen university translates general rules of recruit students of Master major d
On-the-job 2008 personnel is assiduously studiedInterpreterMaster(MTI)DegreeRecruit studentsGeneral rules

Interpreter MasterProfessionalDegree, namely Master Of Translation And Interpreting, abbreviation MTI, it is the countrywide major that carries out via approval of commission of degree of the State Council degree education. The education target of MTI is education heart, wisdom, body develops in the round, can get used to the global economic integration and the need that enhance national international competition ability, high administrative levels that gets used to national economy, culture, society to build need, application model, professional talent of buccal written translation.

Professional degree education and the distinction that the learning of the tradition degree taught in the past depend on fostering norms to differ, but the cent that does not have on any account, it is the lifeline of professional development. Professional degree education pays attention to practice, do not measure a level as the talent with technicality standard, and it is with level of unit of choose and employ persons measure a level. The holds water to develop according to economic society just about need that translates Master major degree, aim to develop high administrative levels, application model, professional buccal written translation is special talent.

   Xiamen universityInterpreter Master sets oral interpretation and written translation two direction, be as follows respectively:

1, oral interpretation direction

Oral interpretation especially simultaneous interpretation is opposite again bilingual basic skill and applied ability, language changes dragoman each other (interpreter) ability, structure of integrated quality, knowledge has extremely high demand with communication ability. Oral interpretation personnel needs to have strong Chinese base and certain linguistics, psychological, cognitive science, pragmatics to learn, the interpreter learns knowledge, have extensive other subject knowledge even, capability of actual oral interpretation is strong. This direction emphasizes couple actual, in oral interpretation (pass interpret alternately, inspect interpret, simultaneous interpretation to wait) skill respect undertakes imitate of intensive type aggrandizement trains, take effective measures, safeguard student has ample high level practice and field trip, give attention to two or morethings is relevant and academicLearn. This research direction graduate should be political reliable, be familiar with national condition and international form, professional level and skill are excellent, integrated quality is high, can be competent the talent of advanced oral interpretation that all sorts of circumstance China and foreign countries communicate.
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