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The 3 big errors that study communal English to for reference oneself and answer
Because lack effective guidance, a lot of examinee are being reviewed easily communalEnglishThe error is immersed in when, cause get half the result with twice the effort thereby, even the circumstance of make a futile effort. Exam shortly, how to accomplish a target to make clear, the key is outstanding, escape error, master effective strategy, favorable result is achieved to appear crucial inside limited time. Later development fors reference 3 when point out widespread presence for examinee error, offer in the light of every error review strategy accordingly.

One of errors, treat textbook content to was not differentiated, primary and secondary is not divided

Have many candidate for an entrance examination before take an examination of one, the hope inside two months reachs the book from the beginning end one word not be born settle on. But, as a result of textbook content too numerous and jumbled, again together with examinee reviews the task onerous, be like very hard so wish, examinee feels " cut ceaseless, manage is random still " . Although browse whole book constrainedly, also be like a dragonfly skimming the surface of the water-touch on sth without going into it deeply nevertheless, skimming over the surface, won't leave deep impression, what arrive since place is a kind of psychology comforts action merely.

Textbook strategy: teaching material from thick read thin

Take the strategy that the book reads a thin effective namely the key that concerns with the exam in the book. Overall and character, the key of textbook basically centers in 3 respects: The exercise after the annotate after the class, class and syntactic special subject. The annotate after the class includes " Word Study " and " Explanatory Notes " . Former the usage that is aimed at this class key vocabulary tries to explain, latter involves a few difficulty of this class, both a lot of essence that reflected a text. The exercise after the class has a lot of is in problem go up with direction and take an exam and do not have direct correlation, answer to choose somewhat. In every tax practice " Han Yiying " the part can have very big stimulative effect to the exam. In fact, ever had given a title from this part for many times. In addition, syntactic special subject nots allow to ignore, include to explain and practice two parts, because main assessment item is like grammar and vocabulary. The range that must want to look is: Go up the 6th unit to the 20th unit (among them) of the 13rd unit except, below book it is respectively the 1st, 3, 5, 7, the syntactic special subject of 9 unit.

Of the error, back vocabulary with textbook in order to be restricted

Examinee often thinks the vocabulary that appears on textbook is the vocabulary that must master by accident, and master these vocabularies enough, actually otherwise. The lexical limits of the exam not textbook of bureau be confined to, it is with exam outline however accurate. On one hand, there are a lot of words to exceed the headrope of a fishing net in textbook, do not ask to master, this is not in reason check; And on the other hand, outline asks to did not include in a lot of vocabulary textbook that master. This shows, the vocabulary in textbook of mere bureau be confined to can waste many energy already, the effective demand of short of exam to the vocabulary.
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