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2008 once achievement of the university entrance exam is announced, each district college is born to the best of its kind of the university entrance exam in succession people extended " olive " , but according to the report, university of Hong Kong part however " go against situation and on " , no longer only " high component " it is look up, inInterviewThe best of its kind of a few the university entrance exam rejected to be born unexpectedly later and even Number One Scholar of the university entrance exam. Be what lets the best of its kind of the university entrance exam give birth to a bureau? Is the interview of Hong Kong university in hard? Became the heat topic after the university entrance exam for a short while, also caused the reflection of the author and broad society personage.

   EnglishSpoken languageExpressionAbilityVery important

Inland shares 12001 tall examinee to enter oneself for an examination this year Hong Kong university, more than last year give 1000 people. Interview does not set fractional line, according to 40% , the scale of 60% enrolls only outstanding people affirmatory interview person selected, english achievement did not achieve the student of certain level to cannot attend interview. Say according to personnel of relevant recruit students, in interview process, fluent English and the expression that beautiful pronunciation can be examinee grace many. ChinaTraditional should try what education pays attention to a mark to make an on-the-spot investigation, examinee learns English to be ultimate goal generally with the mark, but ignored English to hear wait to use capacity actually, it is very difficult to the English interview of Hong Kong university that so the best of its kind of partial the university entrance exam is born comfortable from.

First panel discussion is again alone interview

How does interview of Hong Kong university undertake? Attend the examinee of interview of Hong Kong university discloses this year, have 30 seconds by examinee above all self introduction; Then 6 people spread out panel discussion one group with respect to a theme, about 20 minutes; Next by examinee to take an examination of an official to raise a question, whole interview comes down half hour left and right sides. All communication must use English, two take an examination of an official to undertake the spot makes component.

Some orgnaization EnglishLearnAdviser says, this kind of interview is right of the student make an on-the-spot investigation to basically see two sides, namely English level and student quality, include to convey ability, see the point of view of the problem, group collaboration ability. Integral environment is similarThe United StatesThe classroom of elementary school, the English environment of immersion, natural be used to gets the 2nd parent language, distinctive 6 people desk, the future that develops the child heads force. And the edification that Chinese inland examinee accepts this kind of environment rarely, english thinking and prospective leader force are more defective, this also is a when the best of its kind of partial the university entrance exam gives birth to a bureau main reason.
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