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Elegant think of review have why doohickey
  Elegant think ofReview need to be inAudition, spoken language, read, the respect such as writing masters doohickey. Expert of abroad exam research center is aimed at Lang Ge how to review Yasaidi a few better proposals, in order to offer reader reference.

-- audition --

If examinee feels elegant bigger or difficulty of the audition when thinking of a model to take an examination of is very great, or standard of find oneself audition is wronger, can consider to buy " ListentoThis " copy (namely "EnglishPrimary audition " , the company grinds to publish) outside, use the time of two months to listen to this book. If examinee feels difficulty of part of the audition when the model is taken an examination of moderate or simpler, can consider to buy " ListentoThis " the 2nd (namely " English is intermediate audition " , (The company grinds to publish) outside, use the time of two months to listen to this book. Meanwhile, examinee still can consider "CambridgeElegant think of an exam to try analyse of solution to a problem really completely " 3, 4, 5, the either in 4 6 books this, check oneself progress regularly, be familiar with ceaselessly elegant the problem that consider.

Proposal: Examinee listens to English broadcasting station regularly, be like BBC, or VOA, but will listen to English program such " extensive listens " activity and dictate or become a problem such " essence of life listens " mobile union rises. Examinee should be memorized elegant think of common setting vocabulary, can consult " machine classics " , take notes among them vocabulary. As the drawing near of the exam, insist to become a whole true problem every other day in before taking an examination of two weeks (the title is optional from " Cambridge is elegant think of " ) .

-- spoken language --

After understanding colloquial topic somewhat, examinee can begin to collect the activity of correlative speech material systematically, the vocabulary that builds oneself this, according to special subject (wait like topic of town description, education) collect vocabulary, phrase, sentence and good paragraph and essay. Material origin can be English teaching material and English newspaper, magazine, like examinee but from " 21stCentury " (" 21 centuries sign up for " ) on obtain a few newest sports, RecreationWith EnglishLearnData, from " " (" economist " the website of the magazine) on obtain a few very good politics, economy to comment on an article.

If time is abundant, examinee can consider to focus period of time (like two months) the pronunciation that improves oneself, especially vowel or the ingredient that because district him reason cannot differentiate,understand. Examinee can consider to use the speech teaching material on market, ask EnglishProfessionalclassmate or teacher help him correct news. But nurturance times everyday the habit of loud chant English, time but set is everyday 30 minutes, the content of chant should understand easily simply, had better deserve to have the dub of Nativespeaker, such examinee can imitate its speech, dialect.
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