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Exam of certificate of interpreter of countrywide foreign language will sign up

According to Ministry of EducationExamCentral message, the whole nationForeign languageInterpreterCertificateThe exam of exam second half of the yearSign upWill begin on August 1, this the exam reports use net the means of the name. Examinee beard signing up is landedChinaEducational exam net ( , certificate column at present is translated to find in countrywide foreign language " sign up on the net " , click the page that enters correspondence. Examinee is in individual information fills in on the net and enter oneself for an examination after course, must print an application form, be in will arrive between 12 date of ~ on September 8 take an examination of a dot to undertake affirming and pay cost. Sign up to be up to date on the net on September 5.

Countrywide foreign language translated the exam of certificate exam second half of the year to still increaseEnglishTranslate 4 class. This level is center of exam of Ministry of Education to get used to high speed of current China economy business affairs of development, international interacts the development trend of day of profit increase, be in original a level of new development on the foundation of 3 level. The exam cent of this level is written translation and oral interpretation two parts, basically use a test English of examinee business affairs is oral with written interpreter ability, the evaluation basis that is ability of language of English of the person that the correspondence when employee of invite applications for a job of institution of foreign enterprise of our country experience is hired and English interpreter, its are applicable the object is English major three-year institution of higher learning or undergraduate course of major of high post graduate, English 2 grade student and the of all kinds English that have coequal levelLearnPerson.

Plan of exam of 4 class interpreter opens English every year take an examination of twice, will hold each the 4th Saturday with October in May. Go to the lavatory to give examinee to offer, center of exam of Ministry of Education sets: In 4 class exam, the individual event of examinee (oral interpretation or written translation) eligible achievement can be withheld fall to be taken an examination of second. Namely: If some examinee takes an exam some to have written translation only or oral interpretation is eligible, this examinee but of Yu Xianglin take an exam to enter oneself for an examination only the next time attend that one unqualified exam, qualification hind can obtain a piece of 4 class to translate certificate. Examinee the first time attend this exam to must take an examination of written translation and oral interpretation with times. Arrangement of oral interpretation exam takes an exam to undertake that day afternoon in written translation.
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