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Beijing University general rules of recruit students of Master of 8 years of on-

Beijing UniversityHeretofore of foreign language course already had 146 years of histories, have 20Recruit studentsLanguage, the education of language of 35 kinds of foreign countries and scientific research resource. Of the instituteEnglishLanguage literatureProfessional, it is our country is the earliestMasterDot and doctoral degree program, also be the English major with affirmatory Ministry of Education national emphasis course. English department establishs oneself at 19 centuries middle period with article house, classics interpret learns a house to arrive course class is all ready today, the scientific research education with abundant actual strength is collective, have solid humanitarian inside information and good academic convention, in Gao ShuipingInterpreterEducation field of the talent, also making outstanding contribution for the country all the time. Center of education of Beijing University MTI is institute of Beijing University foreign language those who be engaged in English translating education is exclusive education unit.

Foster for designedly practical model English-Chinese of advanced written translation translates technical qualified personnel, in order to satisfy the need of our country modernization, according to committee of degree of the State Council " the announcement that works about recruiting on-the-job personnel to assiduously study master's degree 2008 " (degree does [2008] 33) demonstrative spirit, center of education of Beijing University MTI will continue to recruit 2008 on-the-job assiduously study interpreter Master (MTI) professional degree graduate student.

One, condition signing up and recruit students object

The countryman before July 31, 2008 teachs alignment university undergraduate course or obtain letter of record of formal schooling originally (general and due diploma) , have the on-the-job personnel of good and English-Chinese bilingual foundation.

Recruit students quota of people: 20.

2, means signing up, time, place
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