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5 makes easily mistakes in business affairs English
Be in the business affairs world with intense competition, your need is occupational all advantages. And impeccableEnglishCan let your be the champion. Do you think to come true too hard? Not at all! The list of mistake of business affairs English that the competitor that treats you often makes and immediately occupational and lead position: Personal Vs. Personnel
Pay close attention the spelling of these words and stress! Personnel is the employee of a substantival means company.
For example Our Company Hasthebest Personnel Intheindustry. Accent falls in the fine of the word. Personal is an adjectival means private or it is an individual. Im Requesting Adayof Annual Leave Forpersonalreasons. Accent look falls in the begin of the word. If you are not careful, you say Personalmeeting possibly and not be Personnelmeeting.
Executive is the administrator of the company. If you are in to caller or it is the high-level Executives that the client introduces you, that is about to notice the pronunciation of the word! If you fall accent on U, so Executive sounds immediately kill someone like Execute- or sentence capital punishment.
Present? Presentate? Presentation?
Make news of the Present when Presentation when you. Present is a verbal means appear something others. Presentation is a kind of form that often uses when new information is rolled out in business affairs. A lot of people - it is a few native land personages of English - think Presentate is Presentation. verbal form. Do not make same mistake!
I Look Forward To Hearing From You.
This phrase is used in business affairs correspondence normally. ButLearnEnglish person often write into, I Look Forward To Hearfromyou. This is incorrect and let English mainland personage sound a little comical. Verbal Hear always should have Ing in this phrase.
Headquarters And Information
A lot of English learner the S of this word leaks and be in Headquarters Information. S was added after. Headquarters is the headquarters of a company of means of odd number noun: Because it is,Imgoingto Headquarters This Weekend To Meet With TheCEO.Headquarters is a delicate word with S. Terminal. Looking as if is a plural noun! But leakage drops S to be able to turn Headquarters into a verb, toheadquarter.
On the other hand, a lot of learner added S after Information. If they need a lot of information,the reason of most person is, they turn this word into complex number with respect to need, for example, ineedinformations On Overseasstudyprograms. But information is cannot count a name (it does not have plural noun) . You need to say only, I Need Someinformation. . . .

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