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Practical English interpreter is necessary: Of the police " look line "

If tell you directly, stool Pigeon (literal meaning: The dove on bench) those who point to is " look line of the police " , it seems that too abrupt. If get to the bottom of sth traces to the source, seek " the dove on bench " and " look line " the connection between, can make us aching indeed however. Review bloody species to eradicate history, "Stool Pigeon " will become the mankind to slaughter the strong testimony of innocent the people.

Before 20 centuries, in North America, every arrive autumn, can have group " Passenger Pigeon " (Hou Ge) Xiangna migrates, when change flies, columbine group of Wan Recai cloud, Wei Weizhuang is watched... regrettablly, beautiful thing v/arcs born under an unlucky star more, from 19 centuries, "Hou Ge " begin to suffer " carnivorous mankind " v&n bastinado shoot dead. Arrive at the beginning of 20 centuries, columbine group of place remnant very few. 1914, last are raised artificially " Hou Ge " die at American laborious zoo of Xin Na bank.

"Hou Ge " columbine group of kind that are caught by hunt are approximately cruel, one " Hou Ge " after be arrested, can become the mankind to kill its congener bait absolutely -- people binds it on bench, thorn is blind its double eye, rely on it to go up to struggle bitterly in bench, of aphonia bleat entice columbine group. At that time, "Stool Pigeon " those who point to is this is planted innocent " bait is columbine " . Those who have acid sense is, be in dailyThe lifeIn, it is lent analogy to infiltrate for police unexpectedly of sinister gang " lie bottom " .

Arrived 20 centuries, "Hou Ge " become extinct, "Stool Pigeon " meaning borrowing analogy also produced change, begin by " lie bottom police " turn be police bribe " line person " . Read illustrative sentence: Watch Out For John; I'm Sure He's A Stool Pigeon For The Police. (preventing John, I am sure he is the look line of police. )

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