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Solve 6 problems expert to teach you breach take an examination ofing grind Engl
The expert teachs you breach take an examination ofing grindEnglishVocabulary
The vocabulary is the foundation that English reviews, mastered one's deceased father grind outline vocabulary of English and a few heavy difficulty are rare vocabulary, understanding is read can appear handy a lot of, difficult to growing sentence the interpreter also is met do a job with skill and ease. So, how can significant breakthrough is taken an examination of grind English vocabulary. Be aimed at a few global problems that classmates encounter when recital, english of test of article of 10 thousand seas learning · coachs the expert puts forward a few answer measure.
Normally we can appear in recital English word such problem:
Problem 1: Do not know firstly only secondly
When just beginning to learn English, we note an acceptation of a word and a kind of use only commonly, and one's deceased father grind the level that English regards a kind of higher rate as takes an exam, what it asks is the meaning of a word that understands this word in the round, the one word that often says namely is much justice with one word multi-purpose. Because some of classmate still does not have the change on this kind of understanding on the thought, when carrying a word on the back, still stay in one word one justice, the level that one word uses, although carried many words on the back, make a problem come still have too many problems to deal with, everywhere passive.
  Problem 2: Do not know probably only specific
Because take an examination of,grind English majority problem use multinomial option (Multiple Choice) form, examinee is inLearnIn the process easy nurturance " know only probably, do not know specific " illness. Be like: Adapt, Adept, adopt3 the word should figure out when 4 class take an exam, but some are taken an examination of after examinee is encountered, grinding still is amphibolous; Be like a flow of population of Migration Movem Ent(again, the interpreter inscribed the 75th problem 2001) interpret is become " emigrant motion " the common error that also is a lot of classmates, because of Migrate, emigrate, these 3 words are in Immigrate is one and the same probably in their brain. Examinee people losing cent is not the word is carried on the back less certainly, and often may be to remember not quite not quite meticulous, accurate.
Problem 3: Know to identify a word not to know differentiate word only
Knowing a word is to master the demand with the mainest vocabulary, grind to taking an examination of for, light is to know the acceptation of a word is far insufficient, you still must know this word and other word, especially its synonym and close the distinction of justice word. Ceng Youtong learns to write down such sentence: With Our Own Car, t Have To Cost A Lot Of Time Waiting For A Bus of We Don ' . "Cost " one word should be changed " Spend " , make mistake the reason is to did not make clear apparently the distinction of these two words: Although both can express " cost " , but Cost commonly used Sth. Become subject, and Spend commonly used Sb. Make subject, sentence in subject is We, want to use verbal Spend so. . The vocabulary inscribed the 29th problem 1998 also is a typical case: Carry and Shoulder can express " assume " , and use with substantival Responsibility collocation, because Shoulder is a place of human body, making a verb use should be to state the person is given out " assume " movement, and sentence in subject is Post(position) , choose S Houlder so improper, right answer should be Carry. To the differentiate and analyse of the word, classmates pass the back illustrative sentence, use situation that watchs this speech to make judgement only, if carry acceptation on the back only, it is clear to be afraid very difficult differentiate is gotten, use correctly.
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