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How to translate correctly " zoology is civilized "
"Zoology is civilized " enter seventeen big report, mirrorred our country to hold to scientific progress to watch the great exploration that builds new-style modern nation already, also mirror an our country to face tide of aggravation of environment of global modes of life and relation to their environment and the majestic commitment that makes to common people. Will " zoology is civilized " the interpreter is become " Conservation Culture " although can reflect the content that protects zoology environment, but, my individual thinks, will " zoology is civilized " the interpreter is become " Ecological Civilization " a few more professional perhaps. Now oneself immature opinion Jian Chenru fell at 4 o'clock, undeserved place, elder colleague criticizes the everybody that respect beg point out mistakes so that they can be corrected, dr. Liuren is obliged to:
The first, come nearly 20 years, field of domestic and international professional research is right " zoology is civilized " be equal namely at " Ecological Civilization " all hold unanimous opinion. From the point of the finite data that at present I contact, american Roy Morrison published 1995 " zoology is democratic (Ecological Democracy) " in put forward already clearly " zoology is civilized (Ecological Civilization) " this one concept, and will " zoology is civilized " as " industry is civilized (Industrial Civilization) " the form of a kind of civilization later, and " zoology is democratic (Ecological Democracy) " it is " industry is civilized " to " zoology is civilized " interim the only way. Not only such, roy Morrison still published again 2006 " zoology is civilized: 2140 " monograph, english title is Eco Civilization 2140. This book is main depict future of 22 centuries " zoology is civilized " , the English Eco in the title is the general abbreviate of Ecological. Home from 20 centuries 90 time initial stage begins to go out to be concerned now " zoology is civilized " monograph, its English name basically is translated into Ecological Civilization, more typical case is in last few years deputy director general of Pan Yue of total bureau of national environmental protection puts forward " socialistic zoology is civilized " , he is same will " zoology is civilized " the interpreter is become " Ecological Civilization " , produced certain effect in the world. "Socialistic zoology is civilized " basically generalized our country nearly 20 years to be opposite " zoology is civilized " the achievement of research, also drew lessons from foreign scholar to be opposite at the same time " zoology is civilized " research achievement, just " socialistic zoology is civilized " theory is returned now cannot as actual as the zoology environment of Chinese home conform to closes. Appear in seventeen big report construction " zoology is civilized " this one concept, domestic and international to coming 20 years in the past academia is opposite since " zoology is civilized " the summary that studies positive result, also be the zoology environment problem that faces the existence inside Chinese home and global limits and environmental preliminary solution, accordingly, "Zoology is civilized " the development sequence of thought that only the interpreter becomes Ecological Civilization ability to show the theory of global modes of life and relation to their environment that includes China inside and environmental protection of global modes of life and relation to their environment to carry out photograph union quite.
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