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Renown division coachs 46 class review: Teach you a meaning that knows a word

Author:  bursts bright

I go up in sina open " half stepEnglishOnline answer doubt " already two years many, already answered more than 10000 questions that the netizen raises, but among them a problem makes I most feeling " strange " , I do not regard this problem as originally problem, feel everybody should know the answer of this problem, I did not prepare the result of this problem even, but this problem is mentioned time and again however, and the frequency that repeats a query is quite tall, this makes I must regard this problem as " big question " will take seriously, and had considered carefully answer the method of this problem, have catholicity very much in view of this problem, I publish the answer of this problem in rich guest, this problem is " how to remember EnglishWordChineseMeaning? " .

This is like is a very average issue, how can I feel it is strange?

Ask everybody to want, who invents English? Englishman! Does the Englishman admit not to know Chinese? Do not know! So the Chinese meaning that the Englishman needs not to need to remember a word when learning English word? Do not need, english English does not have a Chinese character at all in textbook, does He Tan learn the Chinese meaning of the word? Since the Englishman learns English,do not need to remember so (do not see at all even) the Chinese meaning of the word, soChinaDoes the person learn English why to want to learn the Chinese meaning of the word? This kind of practice everybody not wondering?

Learn the Chinese meaning that the word is carrying on the back when English as a result of the Chinese however, because this everybody does not become aware instead,go out " back Chinese character " it what have is strange to what have. Think carefully actually, this behavior is very bizarre really, strange germ does not depend on behavior itself, and the meaning that depends on a Chinese won't identifying English word generally directly, be forced to rely on Chinese symbol to help the meaning that remembers English word mechanically consequently, such going to that learn English not only bring owls to Athens, and in can be immersed in symbol of brimless of abyss of misery to remember disaster necessarily.

English word and Chinese character are actually same, existing of a lot of " character components radicals by which characters are arranged in traditional Chinese dictionaries " , knew character components radicals by which characters are arranged in traditional Chinese dictionaries the meaning that you can guess a word according to them directly, although do not say to be guessed 100 percent,allow, but at least can guess probably, you are OK after the meaning that has told you the word in others at least ground of suddenly be enlightened comprehends it, can enhance you to be opposite greatly so English word " meaning of knowledge seeing a word " ability, accomplish real knowledge a word, and the Chinese meaning it only as general reference.
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