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University English 4 class exam is syntactic: 72 kinds of crucial sentence patte

11. "TO Make... the interpret law of Of" (make... become... , ... regard as)

I Will Make A Scientist Of My Son.

12. Too... indeterminate form " , not(never)too... indeterminate form " , "Too... Not is errant

13. Only (not, all, but, never) Too... in To Do So " and structure of "too Ready (apt) To Do" , indeterminate form also does not have negative meaning, always "not" , "The "too after the word such as All" "but... To, "Indeterminate form lost negative sense, in structure of "too Ready(apt) To Do" , indeterminate form also does not have negative meaning.

You Know But Too Yell To Hold Your Tongue.

14. "No More... Than... "Sentence pattern

A Home WithoutLove Is No More A Home Than A Body Without A Soul Is A Man.

15. "Not So Much... As" and "not So Much As... " structure, "Not So Much... As"="not So Much As... " , among them As has into replacement But Rather, but interpret is: "Saying with its is... not must saying is... " . And "not So Much As"="without(not)even, "But interpret is " even... still do not have " .

   The Oceans Do Not So Much Divide The World As Unite It.

16. "Nothing Is More... Than" and "Nothing Is So... As" structure, "Nothing Is More... Than" and "Nothing Is So... As" has ritzy relative meaning, "Nothing I" is replacement "no" , "Nobody" , "Nowhere" , "Little" , "Few" , "Hardly" , "Scarcely" is waited a moment, but interpret is done not have for " ... than... more " , "Picture... did not have " again, "Most... " .

Nothing Is More Precious Than Time.

17. "Cannot... Too... " structure, "Cannot... Too... " meaning is "It Is Impossible To Overdo... " or, namely " no matter how... also do not calculate beyond the mark " . "Not" is replacement "hardly" , "Scarcely" , "Too" is replacement "enough" , "Sufficient"

You Cannot Be Too Careful.

18. "Structure of negative But " , in the "but" at the back of privative, have "which Not" , "Who Not" , "That Not" , wait negative meaning a moment, form the double negation of around. But interpret is done not have into " ... not be " or " ... ... "

Nothing Is So Bad But It Might Have Been Worse.

19. "Structure of negative Until (till)" , in privative "no" , "Not" , ;seldom" behind what receive used "until/till" , the interpret below most circumstance is " until... just... " , "Want... just... " , it is negative interpret affirmative.

Nobody Knows What He Can Do Till He Has Tried.

20. "Not So... But" and "not Such A... But" structure, the structure of negative But" of these two structures and " is similar, different point is these two structures medium "but" is to contain "that... the consecutive term of Not" imply, show rate. But interpret still is done not have for " ... to cannot do... degree " , "Not be... " , "No matter how... also not be cannot... " .

He Is Not So Sick But He Can Come To School.