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University English 4 class exam is syntactic: 72 kinds of crucial sentence patte

21. "Interrogative Should... But " structure, this structure expresses the surprise in the past, meaning for "none... But" , but interpret is " besides... who still is met... " , "Expect " , "Want to be less than... it is unexpectedly... " .

Who Should Write It But Himself?

22. "Who Knows But (that) ... " and "who Could Should... But" structure, this structure is rhetorical question form, general free translation is " most " , "Knowable " waits Yi Wei a moment, sometimes also but metaphrase.

Who Knows But (that) He May Go?

23. "Imperative sentence And" and structure of Or" of " imperative sentence, "Imperative sentence And" expresses "If... You... " , "Pray makes renown Or" expresses "if... Not... , you.

AddLove To A A Home. Add Righteousness To A City And You Have A Community. Add Truth To A Pile Of Red Brick And You Have A School.

24. "Substantival And" structure, in this structure, the noun is equal to adverbial modifier subordinate clause, or represent a requirement, or represent time.

A Word, and He Would Lose His Temper.

25. "As... , so... " structure, the means "in of the "so" hereThe Same Way"(also is such) . This structure shows two concepts are mixed on degree the likeness on the relation.

As Rust Eats Iron, so Care Eats The Heart.

26. "If Any" structure, "If Any" and "if Ever" , means " if really have... " , "Although have... " , express emphasize. As similar as this still have: "If If Anything"(has different word, if have discriminative) a bit, "If A Day"(=at Least, at least) .

There Is Little, if Any, hope.

27. "Be It Ever(never)so" and structure of "let It Be Ever(never)so" , here, "The "be" in Be It" is ancientEnglishThe bequeath form of hypothesis mood, contemporary English uses "let It Be" . "Ever So" and "never So" express same meaning, express "very" .

Be It Ever So Humble (let It Be Ever So Humble) , home Is Home.

28. "" of The Last indeterminate form and "the Last attribute from word " structure, the "last" means "the Least Likely" in this kind of structure, use at negatory inference. But interpret is " the " of large least of all possibility, "Appropriate least of all " , by the " of original intention the last... " becomes " likely least of all... a " .

He Is The Last Man To Accept A Bride.

29. "So... That... "Sentence pattern, the means " of this sentence pattern is such... , as a result at... " , but inInterpreterWhen becoming Chinese, below a lot of circumstances, not be must interpret becomes " such... as a result at... " , however flexible conveys its meaning.

He Ran So Fast That Nobody Could Catch Him Up.

30. "Adjective of More Than positive degree (adverbial) " structure, this is will different property tries to compare, among them "more" has the meaning of "rather" .

It Is More Than Probable That He Will Fall.
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