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University English 4 class exam is syntactic: 72 kinds of crucial sentence patte

31. "Structure of " of More Than verb, this kind of structure shows verbal rate, but interpret is " unusual " , "Stop " , "Extremely ground " .

This More Than Satisfied Me.

32. "Good And... the adverbial usage of " , interpret is " special " , "Very " . Similar still have "nice And... " , "Fine And... , ""lovely And... " , "Bright And... " , "Rare And... " , "Big And... " , all show rate.

   The Apples Are Good And Ripe.

33. "And That" structure, this "and That" should interpret is " and... " , express to be strengthened to partial mood is being stated before it, "That" represents the whole state share in front.

Return To Your Work, and That At Once.

34. "At Once... And" structure, this structure interpret is " already... ... " , have relevant connective effect, be equivalent to "both... And... " .

The Novel Is At Once Pleasing And Instructive.

35. "In That... " structure, the means " of this structure is on that (respect) " , but because,interpret is " " . Similar structure still has "in This... " .

The Budget Is Unrealistic In That It Disregards Increased Costs.

36. "Structure of The Name Notwithstanding" , the "notwithstanding" in this structure is preposition, this preposition is OK before buy, can after buy, also can write into for instance: "Notwithstanding The Name" . Have the effect of concessional adverbial modifier.

Some People Battery As A Sort Of Condenser Where Electricity Is Stored.But This Is An Entirely Wrong Conception, the Name Notwithstanding.

37. "Every... Not" and "All... Not" structure, "Every... Not" expresses " not likely every... it is... " ; "All... Not" states " not likely is all... it is... the meaning of " .

Every Man Is Not Polite, and All Are Not Born Gentlemen.

38. "May As Well Not... As" structure, this structure but interpret is " and its... as not... " .

One May As Well Not Know A Thing At All As Know It But Imperfectly.

39. "Have Only To... Do" structure, this structure expresses " simply (disappear) ... can... the meaning of " .

We Have Only To Turn To That Extraordinary Discovery Made By Edison To See The Significance Of It.

40. "Not (no) ... Unless... "Sentence pattern

No Increase In Output Can Be Expected Unless A New Assembly Line Is Installed.