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University English 4 class exam is syntactic: 72 kinds of crucial sentence patte

41. "Better... Than... "Sentence pattern

Better My Life Should Be Ended By Their Hate, than That Hated Life Should Be Prolonged To Live Without YourLove.

42. "As It Were" is a very commonly used parenthesis, means " is like " , "Can say " to wait.

Apiece Of Iron Near A Magnet, though Apparently Separate From It, feels, as It Were, The Threads Of This Attachment.

43. Complex structure, below in illustrative sentence, because the attributive subordinate clause of Anyone is too long, mention predicate Must Realize before attributive subordinate clause.

Though Faith And Confidence Are Surely More Or Lass Foreign To My Nature, I Do Not Infrequently Find Myself Looking To Them To Be Able, diligent, candid, and Even Honest. Plainly Enough, that Is Too Large An Order, as Anyone Must Realize Who Reflects Upon The Manner In Which They Reach Public Office.

44. "Not... Any More Than... " is: "Cannot... , no less than cannot... " .

One Cannot Learn To Sketch And Express Himself Graphically Only By Reading About It Any More Than One Can Learn To Swim While Standing By The Pool.

45. "By That As It May" is "Let It Be That As It May" elliptically form, it is the structure of additionally one kind of hypothesis that causes by "be" , means " for all that, although such " .

It Is Said That The Nerve Poison Is The More Primitive Of The Two, that The Blood Poison Is, so To Speak, a New Product From An Improved Formula. Be That As It May, the Nerve Poison Does Its Business With Man Far More Quickly Than The Blood Poison.

46. "If At All" is one is caused by "if" advocate call structural half-baked is short sentence the knot is " be about to... " , "Although... " .

I Can See Only With Great Difficulty, if At All.

47. The sentence pattern that causes by There produces complex sentential structure easily.

There Have Been Opened Up To The Vast And Excellent Science, in Which My Work Is The Beginning, ways And Means By Which Other Minds More Accurate Than Wine Will Explore Its Remote Corners.

48. "Range From... To... " structure. This is a common structure, the meet an emergency below a lot of circumstances when interpret connects processing, cannot rely on the paraphrase on the dictionary completely.

Computer From An Assembly Line Completely Run By Computers To A Children Toy Responding To Remote Signals.

49. "The Way... " structure

I Always Thought She Was A Common-sense Person Who Discussed Things The Way They Ought To Be Discussed.

50. Complex guest filling structure

In Recent Years, the Development Of Sensitive And Accurate Measuring Equipment Has Made It Possible To Measure The Acuity Of Hearing Of Any Individual At Different Frequencies.

41. "Better... Than... " sentence pattern

Better My Life Should Be Ended By Their Hate, than That Hated Life Should Be Prolonged To Live Without Your Love.
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