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University English 4 class exam is syntactic: 72 kinds of crucial sentence patte

51. Certain space structure

1) verb phrase is relevant part by space (when "make Use Of " , "Take Notice Of" , "Pay Attention To" ,

Wait for the) when verbal phrase becomes passive voice.

Use Is Made Of Solarenergyin Heating Houses.

The space that 2) double attribute causes.

But There Is Of Culture Another View, in Which Not SolelyThe Scientific Passion, the Sheer Desire To See Things As They Are, natural And Proper In An Intelligent Being, appears As The Ground Of It.

52. "To Be Doing... When... " isSentence pattern, much interpret is being done for " someone... when, abrupt... " . See easily in simple sentence, once the sentence becomes a few more complex, the possibility identifies this kind of sentence pattern not quite easily.

She Said She And A Friend Had Gone Out To Dinner That Night, and Were Walking Home Together At About 10 O'clock, when A "very Big, very Tall Man" , accosted Them And Demanded Their Purses.

53. "Too... To" sentence pattern

Then I Remembered How Often I, too, had Been Indifferent To The Grandeur Of Each Day, too Preoccupied With Petty And Sometimes Even Mean Concerns To Respond To The Splendor Of It All.

54. "So Much That... " sentence pattern

But He Developed Gradually A Very MusicalEnglish. He Learnt To Write Sentences That Fall Away On The Ear With A Misty Languor And It Delighted Him So Much That He Could Never Have Enough Of It.

55. "Subordinate clause of When" guiding adverbial modifier sometimes not good interpret, cannot see When subordinate clause considers interpret to be become for " ... when " , it still has a lot of planting interpret law.

Anything Is Better Than Not To Write Clearly. There Is Nothing To Be Said Against Lucidity, and Against Simplicity Only The Possibility Of Dryness. This Is A Risk That Is Well Worth Taking When You Reflect How Much Better It Is To Be Bold Than To Wear A Curly Wig.

56. "Not... Because... " , can deny sometimes in front, can deny sometimes Because itself, often appear different meanings. Answer to decide according to context face.

In 1600 The Earth Was Not The Center Of The Universe Because The Majority Then Supposed It Was; Nor, because She Had More Readers, wasEllawheeler Wilcox A Better Poet Than Father Hopkins.

57. "So... That, such... That" is a common sentence pattern, but in same there are two places to use it in the sentence scarcer however.

The Truth Is, that In One Point Of View, this Matter Of National Literature Has Come To Such A Pass With Us, that In Some Sense We Must Turn Bullies, else The Day Is Lost, or Superiority So Far Beyond Us, that We Can Hardly Say It Will Ever Be Ours.

58. "By Doing... " structure. The means " of this structure is passed (do) ... " , butInterpreterIn practice cannot constrained at this kind of paraphrase, agile flexible needs below many circumstances.
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