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The 12 gold pattern that the vocabulary recalls

To a lot of examinee, carrying a word on the back is very " painful " thing. Little imagine, this drudgery also has " shortcut " can search -- that masters namelyThe rule.

Technology is belowMemoryRegular place sums up a group of summaries that come out.

1. Memory is used into useless retreat -- do not want a make effort at the last moment.

2. Apply word frequency to choose memoryVocabularyEfficiency is highest -- this is why Barron ' although S Word List is compared " red treasured book " the vocabulary is one times less, hit the target in the exam rate is high however a lot of reasons.

3. Apply Ai Binhao this forget a curve to arrange second-round exam frequency but highest effect uses time.

4. Dispersive memory is better than remembering the effect centrally -- begin to carry a word on the back as early as possible.

5. Become aware memory becomes aware than sheet memorial effect is good more a lot of -- why do this attend class namely the effect sees the reason with good book than oneself.

6. Common thing is written down not easily, queer thing forgets not easily -- use fantastic couplet idea (the sort of) that for instance old Yu Ci tells in frequency recording.

7. Through associating thing and familiar thing contact an unfamiliar to remember but get twice the result with half the effort -- search underlying law to be like word-building.

8. The thing that be not written down painstakingly cannot remember forever -- should have memorial cause.

9. Do not believe oneself can not remember certainly: The memorial potential of cerebrum wants than what people thinks big much -- should have self-confidence.

10. Cerebrum is kosherer, the effect is better -- choose in the morning.

11. Instantaneous memory is one-time most high capacity remembers an unit for 7.

12. Simple thing is written down more easily than complex thing (gibberish) . Apply development of this one rule to change brief way (be not gibberish) definitely, most word watch can spend brief in part.

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