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Opening ceremony of Beijing Olympic Games, we are a Chinese character proud!

ToBeijingThe Olympic GamesOpening ceremonywonderful degree, I had never generated the concern of a bit. Depend on the support of powerful and prosperous national power after all, seek the palm to old scene to control capacity plus Zhang Yi, the opening ceremony gains huge success is again normal really nevertheless, the perfect show of the opening ceremony proved this adequately also. However even if has thought preparation early, the opening ceremony still brought an accident surprise to me, that isChinese characterCulture is shown in the success in show process.

Return those who remember that paragraph of of great momentum before begin to time? What show at that time is not only all over the world the general arabic numerals inside limits, still have at the same time " fifty-four thousand three hundred and twenty-one " these our very familiar Chinese characters. After that, special setting was returned in literary show " character " this board piece, meantime pressworks through letters, letter type of reveal one's true features waiting for a watch, announced Chinese character before transmission process. 3 that of last place eduction " and " word, it is to make more the absolutely protagonist that Chinese character first time becomes Olympic Games opening ceremony to go up.

In next each country delegacy enters ceremonially, the Chinese character acted very important role again. With before English letter order discharges basis of many Olympic Games to enter the arena surely sequential the method is different, be in this second on the opening ceremony, the entrance of each delegacy is decided early or late by strokes of its Chinese character, this also is the first time of the occur for the first time on Olympic Games history.

Must not despise these success that the Chinese character gains. Want to know, although the Chinese character is a kind of character that the whole world makes number of choose and employ persons maximum, but its before international consequence is very finite however. An investigation that has before according to U.N. shows, chinese character all over the world the rank in language character is in the 9th only, lag behind at the character of Japan and Korea even.

Below the setting of informatization of global unifinication, height, in literal consequence respect backward, mean an a country, nation probably to be defeated was in on the scratch line. Make an example, as a result ofThe United StatesIn the lead dominant position of IT industry respect, english becomes the fundamental language that writes a program, this is in blameEnglishFasten national countrymanLearnA threshold was established in the process of process designing. For instance, there is countless nowChinaThe student throws a large number of energy TOEFL, elegant think of etc in English study, and a word of a few English skips in order to talk in the process be flourish, but the amount of Chinese famous book that they had read is very limited however.
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