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University English 4 class exam is syntactic: 72 kinds of crucial sentence patte

61. Englishuse of a convention is: When negative and predicate Think(believe) , whether to decide the object subordinate clause at the back of its actually. Fall on object subordinate clause in the negative. Such object subordinate clause became double negation, double negation interpret can be pressed when interpret, also can come by affirmation interpret.

It Is A Valuable Work. I Do Not Think Anyone Writes So Well That He Cannot Learn Much From It.

62. "To Have Not... (As) To See... the indeterminate form in " also has negative interest.

He Had NotThe Good Breeding To See That Simplicity And Naturalness Are The Truest Marks Of Distinction.

63. "It Occurred To Sb. That... " meaning thinks of " suddenly for " , "It Dawned On Sb.that... " . "It Dawned On Sb.that... " .. ? of locust Huang gizzard. Subordinate clause is the content that remember.

I Remember Once Being On A Bus And Looking At A Stranger. He Suddenly Looked Back At Me-i.e.our Eyes Met. My Instinctive Reaction Was To Avert My Gaze. It Occurred To Me That If I Had Continued To Maintain Eye Contact, I Would Have Been Rude And Aggressive.

64. "It Follows That... "="It Happens As A Result... " often is by interpret " of " this shows, "Because of this " , "Once upon a time " , "Can conclude " is waited a moment.

It Follows That The Housewife Will Also Expect To Be Able To Have More Leisure In Her Life Without Lowering Her Standard Of Living. It Also Follows That Human Domestic Servants Will Have Completely Ceased To Exist.

65. "That's All There Is To It " , means " also does not cross " of that's what it all adds up to. Can inspect circumstance processing according to context.

If I'm Touched, i'm Touched-that's All There Is To It.

66. "The Chances Are That... " is oneSentence pattern, interpret is " likely... " .

The Chances Are You Will Never Attempt That Speed With Poetry Or Want To Race Though Some Passages In Fiction Over Which You Wish To Linger.

67. Feel, see, the object that Leave causes object is complemental language, or subject is caused in passive voice the certain and idiomatic sentence pattern of complemental language, sometimes See and Feel the passive mood of these two words is not quite good interpret. Encounter this kind of circumstance to should dig its depth meaning, not constrained at exterior form.

The Education Of The Young Is Seen To Be Of Primary Importance.

68. Some this with No, nowhere, never, not... Bout, not... Any, nothing But, hardly, scarcely, a few structures with the negative derivative term such as Seldom.

I Never Go Past The Theatre But I Think Of His Last Performance.

69. Certain with Choice Between, to Know Better, whether Or, the Should Have Avoided(or Done Better) way with express to choose a kind from inside two kinds of practices better

Then We Are Faced With A Choice Between Using Technology To Provide And Fulfil Needs Which Have Hitherto Been Regarded As Unnecessary Or, on The Other Hand, using Technology To Reduce The Number Of Hours Of Work Which A Man Must Do In Order To Earn A Given Standard Of Libing.
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