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Gout checks: Olympic Games English changes a fault to inscribe you to be able to

  The Olympic Games Is A Sports Pageant For The People Of The World. Swifter, higher And Stronger Is One Of The Olympic Tenets. Do You Want To Know Something More About Olympics?

6 words related to these 5 projects are below, just these 6 words are put in the mistake. Can you draw up correct sentence? Let us be in growth knowledge while, it is simultaneouslyBeijing Olympic GamesCheer!

(By accident) 1 He Won The Men's Single At The 25th World Table Tennis Championships In 1959.

He is in men's singles championship was won in contest of army of the 25th world 1959.

() : He Won The Men's Singles At The 25th World Table Tennis Championships In 1959.

(Analytic) : The meaning of this word and actual condition are not accorded with. Tell from customarily, women's singles, men's singles should be Women's Single and Men's Single, and say be a mistake so actually. In the match, even if singles also must be two people, so Single should use Singles. Same argument, the Doubles of doubles also cannot use odd number form. Such as: Men's Doubles, women's Doubles, mixed Doubles(mixes dozen of) . What the Single here and Double point to is the property of the match, because this is used in specific language area,should be plural form.

(By accident) 2 Can You Explain The Rules Of Starting The Ball To Me?

Can you explain to me one allot the regulation of the ball?

() : Can You Explain The Service To Me?

(Analysis) this word fromSyntacticBe being told on do not have a mistake. "Serve " real meaning is bully, butEnglishexpression is need not Start The Ball, flower beauty uses Serve normally, when making a verb, it can express " (tennis, ping-pong) serve " . Service is the substantival form of Serve, also can express likewise " (tennis, ping-pong) serve; Serve means; Serve authority " .

(By accident) 3 I Can't Believe They Played For Three Minutes.

I dare not believe they fought each other 3 minutes unexpectedly.

() : I Can't Believe They Rallied For Three Minutes.

(Analysis) this word is full of prunes. Its mistake has two place: One of, thisInterpreterThe method is typical word-for-word Chinese type English. Secondly, it is this root cannot use Play originally here. Play makes a verb can express " dozen; Play; The match " , but it is an instantaneous verb, cannot express the adverbial modifier use consecutively of period of time together, and For Three Minutes is the adverbial modifier that represents period of time. In English, fight each other continuously with what will convey the ball games in sports match, apply Rally. Its means " (ball of tennis, wall or ping-pong) before notching fight each other continuously " . Can make a name already, it is continuity noun, also can make a verb. For example: A Fifteen-stroke Rally(fights each other 15 times continuously) .

(By accident) 4 He Is A Fair Judge.
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