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Learn the two big principles of Englishism

The renown drama of Shakespeare " Hamlet " in, opposite of princely Hamlet face puts or ruined destiny once gave out such closely question: To Be Or Not To Be, that IsThe Question! The people of later ages will thisClassicalRenown sentence connotation is infinite extend the meaning and augment, so that was become,people is brought with examine oneself without two anthology! And inSyntacticLearn" pronoun " part, this word also was adapted choice title: To Be Or Not To Be, _ _ Is The Question! To the answer it is to choose It to still choose That after all, here no longer verbosity. Think those who say is, EnglishSyntactic study, to broad English learner, it is heaven after all, tartarean still?

On syntactic classroom, often can see the student of all sorts of age level, different setting, diverse demand, the plan emigrates, the plan studies abroad, preparation passes 4, of 6 class, PETS, still have be taken an examination of those who torment so that break down nearly to grind, most a kind when let a person admire: It is emeritus but regard English study as a kind of spirit places!

Actually, review us to learn the course of Englishism, from junior high school, high school untilUniversity, from inchoate TOEFL, IELTS, GMAT, grammar sees with different form all at of all kindsExamamong examination questions. Before long, the ultimate goal that we learn grammar appears even if undertake with propositional person to be in the exam 4 anthology one, fault and right rich play chess! However, some day, obtained the letter of of all kinds exam when us, obtained result of the TOEFL of arrogant person, GRE, complacent devotes into duty field, hurry off to abroad during, discover obtains result is a number nevertheless however, we cannot be understood by Native Speakers place already, also understand them what saying. Cong Mou is planted tell on degree, the occurrence of this kind of result is only then makings also cannot call not as good as not meaningful!

Face such awkwardness, of all kinds exam undertook reform in succession, aim to cancel or change antonym way infirmly " dominance " make an on-the-spot investigation, turn and strengthen what use capacity to the language to make an on-the-spot investigation. For instance, in TOEFL exam " problem changing a fault " cancel, new the assessment of addition colloquial share; It is even in writing, also do not forget pair of assessment that listen and keep integrated capability. -- nevertheless, those who need ambitious shift is, to grammar " recessive " make an on-the-spot investigation to never had been stopped however! For instance, difficult to reading the length of your person bristle with anger in the exam sentence understand correctly, a pure and beautiful type expression when writing, without do not need substantial syntactic knowledge to serve as cornerstone. Accordingly, cong Mou is planted tell on degree, what change actually to syntactic assessment is more difficult.
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