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The English vocabulary phrase with commonly used report of foreign trade case

  Vocabulary: Your Greatly Esteemed Letter; Your Very Friendly Note; Your Friendly Advice; Yours.
(2) this letter, this case Our (my) Letter; Our (my) Respects; Ours (mine); This Letter; These Lines;The Present.
(3) before case The Last Letter; The Last Mail; The Last Post; The Last Communication; The Last Respects (oneself letter) ; The Last Favour (send a letter)
(4) second case The Next Letter; The Next Mail; The Next Communication; The Letter Following; The Following.
(5) expensive case gives out date Your Letter Of (the) 5th May; Your Favour Dated (the) 5th June; Yours Of The 3rd July; Yours Under Date (of) The 5th July; Your Letter Bearing Date 5th July; Your Favour Of Even Date(AE); Your Letter Of Yesterday; Your Favour Of Yesterdays Date; Your Lett.
(6) your incoming telegram, telex and fax Your Telegram; Your Wire; Your Cablegram (from abroad) ; Your Coded Wire (coded telegram) ; Your Code Message; Your Cipher Telegram; Your Wireless Telegram; Your TELEX; Your Fax.
(7) your phone Your Telephone Message; Your Phone Message; Your Telephonic Communication; Your Telephone Call; Your Ring.
(8) announcement (Noun) Advice; Notice; Information; Notification; Communication; A Report; News; Intelligence; Message.
(Verb) (announcement, inform) To Communicate (a Fact) To; To Report (a Fact) To. . .on; To Apprise (a Person) Of; To Let (a Person) Know; To Acquaint (a Person) With; To Intimate (a Fact) To; To Send Word; To Send A Message; To Mail A Notice; To Write (a Person) Information; To Give Notice (premonitory) ; To Break A News To (announcement bad news) ; To Announce (announce) .
(9) letter in reply (Noun) An Answer; A Reply; A Response.
(Verb) To Answer; To Reply; To Give A Reply; To Give Ones Answer; To Make An Answer; To Send An Answer; To Write In Reply; To Answer Ones Letter.
(write back hereby) Reply To; Answering To; In Answer To; In Reply To; In Response To.
(await a letter in reply) To Await An Answer; To Wait For An Answer.
(get a letter in reply) To Get An Answer; To Favour One With An Answer; To Get A Letter Answered.
(10) paid, receive (Noun) Receipt (receive) ; A Receipt (receipt) ; A Receiver (the person that get, person extraction a money) ; A Recipient (chamberlain)
(Verb) To Receive; To Be In Receipt Of; To Be To (at) Hand; To Come To Hand; To Be In Possesion Of; To Be Favoured With; To Get; To Have; To Have Before (a Person); To Make Out A Receipt (drive a receipt) ; To Acknowledge Receipt (inform paid) .
(11) affirm To Confirm; Confirming; Confirmation; In Confirmation Of (to affirm. . . , to confirm. . . ) ; A Letter Of Confirmation (confirm case or confirmation)
(12) glad, happy, gratified To Have The Pleasure To Do; To Have The Pleasure Of Doing; To Have Pleasure To Do; To Have Pleasure In (of) Doing; To Take (a) Pleasure In Doing (something); To Take Pleasure In Doing (something); To Be Pleased To (with)(by); To Be Delighted At (in)(with) .

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