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Expert " converse law " teach you to raise English audition

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The method that Professor Liu recommends is simple easy travel, get effective slow but very honest, with Zhong Daolong "Converse law" general orientation is consistent. But, what must notice is, sheet is heard anewEnglishAuditionIn light of this one class, still have its specificLearnMethod:

(The structure of press often uses 1) " pour pyramid body "

Alleged " pour pyramid body " , press the degree of news fact importance to be expanded stage by stage to detail by the point namely, arrange full text. In the first sentence the most important factual park full text, this sentence is called news guides language (The News Lead) . It informs audience to care the most important fact most, be like incident (What) , time (When) , place (Where) , character (Who) , and reason and means (Why, how) , namely news guides language 5 WH that included us to often say and a H form " news 6 gist element " .

News guides language the height that is whole news condenses a form, understood guide language, also understood the main content of news. Of course, because the side focal point of press is different, sometimes news guides sign is possible also include only among them a few element.

For example: Oil Ministers Of The Organization Of Petroleum Exporting Countries Will Hold An Emergency Meeting Friday.

This one news guides language contained the following element:

What: An Emergency Meeting Will Be Held

When: Friday

Who: Oil Ministers Of The Organization Of Petroleum Exporing Countries

(2) enlarges a vocabulary, memorize the commonly used vocabulary in press

① common vocabulary

Although press place is used the vocabulary is very big, but the basic vocabulary of the language is stability. Be like VOA SpecialEnglish commonly used vocabulary makes an appointment with news 1500, such repetition rate is very tall, be like Ceasefire, collision, the political sex vocabulary such as Presidential Election, stock, mortgage, the economic vocabulary such as Antitrust with Space Shuttle, the vocabulary of science and technology such as Robot. And the peculiar diction in news English provides stability more. If can master these vocabularies, plus skill of a few audition, understanding press basically is not a tickler.

② has a vocabulary only

Press is to concern worldwide the latest news inside, because in the report middling involves name of a lot of person names, place name, country. Besides, the proper-noun such as a few rivers, mountain range and famous places and historical sites often still appears in press. Be familiar with these proper-noun to be able to make auditor understands listens to news content well and truly more quickly.

The skeletonize language with ③ a certain quantity of control (Acronym)

As a result of the limitation of press time, the name of many orgnaizations often uses its skeletonize form, comprise by the great form of the initial of several words in this name namely, be like: PLO is the abbreviate form of The Palestinian Liberation Organization. Those who need an attention is, auditor should understand the exact implication of these skeletonize language not only, and the correct pronunciation that still should know them (of course, form of not all skeletonize can articulate, but a few common, be like NATO, UNESCO, must master) APEC.

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