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English of international business affairs studies a data: 100 English is superex

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1.i'm An Office Worker. I am office worker.

2.i Work ForThe Government. I work in the government organization.

3.i'm Happy To Meet You. Very glad to see you.

4.i Like Your Sense Of Humor. I like your sense of humor.

5.i'm Glad To See You Again. Very glad to see you again.

6.i'll Call You. I can phone you.

7.i Feel Like Sleeping / Taking A Walk. I am dozy / take a walk.

8.i Want Something To Eat. I want to have bit of thing.

9.i Need Your Help. I need your help.

10.i Would Like To Talk To You For A Minute. I want to talk with you.

11.i Have A Lot Of Problems. I have a lot of problems.

12.i Hope Our Dreams Come True. I hope our dream comes true.

13.i'm Looking Forward To Seeing You. I expect to see you. Hearing From You

14.i'm Supposed To Go On A Diet / Get A Raise. I should be on a diet / go up salary.

Re Getting Married of ' of 15.i Heard That You. Congratulations. Hear you wanted to marry, congratulation!

16.i See What Your Mean. I understand your meaning.

17.i Can't Do This. I cannot so do.

18.let Me Explain Why I Was Late. Let me explain the reason that be late.

19.let's Have A Beer Or Something. We drink bit of beer of what.

20.where Is Your Office? Is your office in?

21.what Is Your Plan? What is your plan?

22.when Is The Store Closing? When does this inn end do business?

23.Are You Sure You Can Come By At Nine? Are you sure you can come at 9 o'clock?

24.Am I Allowed To Stay Out Past 10? Home of the farewell after can I pass at 10 o'clock?

25.The Meeting Was Scheduled For Two Hours, but It Is Not Over Yet.

The conference decided two hours formerly, had not ended now nevertheless.

26.Tom's Birthday Is This Week. Tom's birthday is in this week.

27.Would You Care To See It / Sit Down For A While? Should you look / sit a little while?

28.Can You Cover For Me On Friday / Help Me / Tell Me How To Get There?

Can you ask you to replace me on Friday a class / can you help me / how can you tell me to go there?

29.could You Do Me A Big Favor? Whether ask you to give me a help? Give Me A Hand

30.he Is Crazy About Crazy English. He is right madEnglishVery infatuate.

31.can You Imagine How Much He Paid For That Car?

Can you imagine he bought that car how to many money spend?

32.can You Believe That I Bought A Tv For $25?

Can you believe I spent 25 dollars to buy a TV set?

33.did You Know He Was Having An Affair / Cheating On His Wife?

Did you know he has an affair? / the wife that cheats him?

34.did You Hear About The New Project? Do you know that new project? You Realize That All Of These Shirts Are Half Off? Did you know these shirts sell half price? You Mind If I Take Tomorrow Off? Do you mind me to will ask for leave tomorrow?

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