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"Solilo-quize law " increase colloquial capacity

"Solilo-quize law " increase colloquial capacitySolilo-quizeLaw " increase colloquial capacity

UniversityEnglishOne of education purposes of course are the intellectual ability that develops a student and the capacity that have oral communicating with English. Regard a kind of education as the method, colloquial training is education read and writing ability,LearnSpeech,SyntacticWith important method of the vocabulary. Generally speaking, measure English of a person oral expression ability basically sees the following sides:

(1) the accuracy of the language (Accuracy) with decent sex (Appropriateness) ;

(2) speech (Pronunciation) , dialect (Intonation) correct, enunciation is clear;

(3) speech is organized (Discourse Management) reasonable;

(4) the fluent degree that spoken language expresses (Fluency) ;

(5) syntactic (Grammar) correct, with the word appropriate, whether does the language accord with English to convey a habit.

These are the main levels that measure English conversation ability, be aimed at these standards, should raise English oral expression ability, be about to adopt corresponding training method, the method is appropriate, with respect to the effect that can have get twice the result with half the effort.

One, what is meant by " solilo-quize law " ?

"Solilo-quize law " , follow the pattern that oneself communicate with oneself namely, the method that ability of facilitating spoken English raises. It does not suffer time etc to communicate the limitation of the element, want to have a space that belongs to you only, it is OK that he is told with English to oneself, this method is the beneficial complement that normal classroom spoken English trains.

2, how to use opportunely " solilo-quize law " have English opening

1, environment of own creation language

"Solilo-quize law " in the exercise, you can create language environment follow one's inclinationsly. In oneself room, do not have a person to meetJestYou, all OK and bold he says. You can say wind when take a walk, say flowers and plants is arboreous; You can follow a hero to pour out feeling when enjoying movie; Before you are sleeping or the longing that oneself say when shut-eye awakes, describe oneself dream. Anyhow, you can be in any moment, adopt proper language anyplace fast symphonious attune, follow one's inclinations he says.

2, be good at imitating

Use " solilo-quize law " the spoken English capacity that increases oneself should learn to imitate. Me-too principle: Want to be imitated aloud. This are very important, when imitating, should expert greatly square, clear, scrupulous, mouth should reach the designated position, cannot twist be affectedly bashful to hold, mumble pettily in voice eye in a low voice. 2 should imitate carefully. Graceful speech, dialect is not short-term imitate what can achieve, to having the English of person doctrine United States of Briticism foundation also be such, more such to be used to saying the person doctrine English of Chinese. In addition, there is patience even when imitating, have hope, have constancy of purpose, cannot have any slacken fear of difficulty, want to believe oneself are completely capable to be imitated weller.
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