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Daily English 900 (2)

Criterion feel frustrated.
692.It Was A Lazy, breezy Autumn Afternoon. This is slack, the autumn day of storm afternoon.
693.Jack IsThe Strongest Boy In The Class. Jackie is the boy with whole the strongest class.
694.Please Fetch A Chair From Another Room. Take a chair to other room please.
695.The Doctor Began To Operate On The Boy. The doctor begins to perform an operation to that boy.
696.The Doctor Is Taking My Blood Pressure. The doctor is measuring blood pressure to me.
697.The Machines Will Not Operate Properly. Those machines cannot run normally.
698.The Students Declared Against Cheating. Students express to object cogged.
699.There Is Hope So Long As He Is With Us. Want him to be in only hopeful.
700.He Talks As If He Were The Head Of The Office. The tone that he talks resembles office director
701.His Cake Is Three Times Bigger Than Mine. His cake is 3 times bigger than mine.
702.I Am Looking Forward To Your Early Reply. The hope gets your answer at an early date.
703.I Could Say Nothing But That I Was Sorry. I besides say " I am sorry " besides, what also
Say not to come out.
704.I Don't Know How To Express My Gratitude. I do not know how to convey my gratitude
Affection. I should drive an airplane
705.I Have To Catch A Plane. Could You Hurry? You can quickly? I do not have her message for ages
706.I Haven't Heard From Her For A Long Time. I do not have her message for ages.
707.I Would Like To Wash The Clothes For You. I am willing to help you wash these dresses.
708.Let Me See Your Driver's License, please. Let me see your driving licence please.
709.She Goes To Work Every Day Except Sunday. Divide outside on Sunday, he goes to work everyday.
710.Take A Seat Please, make Yourself At Home. Sit please, a bit more informal.
711.The Damage Was Caused By External Forces. Damaging is caused by outside force.
712.The Doctor Advised Me To Give Up Smoking. The doctor suggests smoke of my give up.
713.The Flowers Make The Room More Beautiful. The flower makes the room becomes more beautiful.
714.There Is A Good Restaurant On The Street. There is a very good cafeteria on that ave.
715.They Covered 120 Miles In A Single Night. They took 120 miles of routes overnight only.
716.Try To Look On The Bright Side Of Things. Look from good side as far as possible.
717.What's Your Plan For The Summer Vacation? What does your summer vacation plan to work?
718.You May Pick Whichever One You Like Best. You can carry you to like most.
719.You're Welcome To Stay With Us Next Time. Welcome you next time again presence our restaurant.
720.There Was A Murder In London Yesterday. Honest of yesterday the natural bonds and ethical relationships between members of a family produced murder record one case.
721.They Stared At The Huge Tiger With Awe. They look at that gigantic tiger awe-strickenly.
722.He Never Misses A Chance To See A Movie. He never is missed look
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