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" escape from prison " English is classical dialogue

" escape from prison "EnglishClassical dialogue

No. 1

Michael: You And Me... It's Real...

I and you. . . It is true

Affectionate and implicative profession.

No. 2

Michael/Lincoln: Just Have A Little Faith.

Work must have belief place!

The spiritual prop in adversity.

No. 3

Abruzzi: I Kneel Only To God. Don't See Him Here.

I kneel down to god only. He can be absent this!

Taking dignity and pride to leave, and oneself belief. Go to the kisses cross gently appearance before dying leisurely, resembling is this lifetime already was obtained save atone for.

No. 4

Abruzzi: Take My Hand So We Can Put All This Behind Us.

Handclasp make peace, all cancel totally before.

Does Not A Warm Hand Feel Better Than A Cold Shark?

Is warm hand not as fine as callous person much?

Cross disaster wave brother to be in, meet to laugh at enemy of die out favour.

No. 5

Friend Of Sucre: You Look Like Hell.

Sucre: I'm Man From Hell, puppy. Now, I Just Gotta Go To Vegas.

- you are looked like is to go desperately.

- I can escape from hell! I am about to go now Weijiasi.

Sucre is right of love clinging let me touch. Say like him, "She IsThe Love Of My Life" . This gives birth to true love.

No. 6

Sucre's GF: What Do You Want From The Future?

Sucre: Would You Run If I Said You?

Sucre's GF: Would You Chase Me If I Did?

Cummer: Are you conceivable in the future what?

Sucre: If I say,be you, your meeting runout?

Cummer: If my runout, you can chase after me?

Of another Sucre. . Do not have method, callosity is not like amorous suffering. The reason of put in prison is to be love to rob, foolish washed-up.

No. 7

Veronica: Michael, you Are Where You Are Because Of Your Brother.

Michael: You Are Telling Me He's Where He Is Because Of Me.

- Michael, you can have because,today is your elder brother.

- that is to say, he has because,today also is I.

Know truth, inner undercurrent is billowy. What escape from prison plans is budding.

No. 8

T-bag: You Think You Are The Only One Who Feels Betrayed? I... Loved You, susan. Real Love. For The First Time In My Life. . . And Then... And Then What You Do To Me Like That Just Throw Me Back Into The Dark And Toss Me Out Of The Back Door. . .I Have Sins In The Past. But When I Met You, the Person, that One Who Did All The Terrible Things, he Died. And I Was Reborn. By The Grace Of Your Love I Was A New Man, a Better Man. When You Sent Me Here To This Place With These People, you Bring That Dirty Bastard Right Home.

Do you think only you felt to be betrayed? I. . . Once had loved you, susan. I give birth to the first time that hit the target to love really. And you. . And what you do, it is however sweep the floor me go out, hurried back afresh in darkness. I go is to had had injustice, but encounter you when me that momently, that person that does bad thing had died, and my criterion obtained renascence. In you
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