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Daily English 900 (3)
751.She Feared Staying Alone InThe Farmhouse. She fears a person stays in farmhouse. 752. She Guided The Tourists Around The Castle. She guided tourist to visit this castle. 753. She Runs Everyday In Order To Lose Weight. She everyday ran is to reduce weight. 754. She Sang Perfectly In The Hall Last Night. She was sung first-rately in the hall last night. 755. Somebody Is Always Complaining To Others. Somebody always complains to others. 756. They Don't Often Have A Bad Day This Year. Their luck this year is good still. 757. We Regard The Matter As Nothing Important. We think this thing is not important. 758. We'll Take Our Holiday Sometime In August. We will be in a certain moment August is off. 759. Could You Direct Me To The Station, please? How to go to the station excuse me? 760. Have You Cleared Your Luggage With Customs? Is your baggage connected closed? 761. He Bothered Me With A Great Many Questions. He raised one pile question to me, really irritated! 762. He Does Exercises Every Day In The Morning. He every morning forging body. 763. How Do I Control Myself? I Can't Calm Down. Can I control myself how? I cannot come down calmly. 764. I Dig Songs And I Like Pop Music Very Much. I like song and popularity particularlyMusic. 765. I'd Like To Cash A Traveler's Check Please. I want to change traveller's check. 766. I'd Like To Pick Sea Shells This Afternoon. I want to collect shell this afternoon. 767. It's Odd That They Didn't Reply Our Letter. They did not write back to us, this is really strange. 768.John Seldom Gets Together With His Friends. John is very few withFriendGather. 769. Many People Have Been Out Of Work Recently. There are a lot of person unemployments recently. 770. Please Give My Best Regards To Your Family. Take the place of please I pay the most cordial greeting to your family. 771. Some People Have Compared Books To Friends. Some people friend of book assimilate to. 772. The Bat Together With The Balls Was Stolen. Bat and ball were stolen completely. 773. The Color Of Her Dress Suits Her Very Well. The color of her dress suits her very much. 774. The Days Get Longer And The Nights Get Shorter. Lengthened by day, the night shortened. 775. The Dress Doesn't Fit Her. She Is Too Thin. This dress does not suit her, she is too thin. 776. The Examination Put A Lot Of Stress On Him. That the exam gave him very great pressure. 777. The Mother Sat The Child At A Little Table. Maternal arrangement child sits to teapoy by. 778. There Is Some Difference Between The Twins. This is a little different to twin. 779. They Insisted On Staying Rather Than Going. They insist to stay, and do not be willing 780. Trust Me, the Game Is Really Worth Playing. Believe me, thisGameBe worth to play really. 781. Unlike Her Friends, she Never Gave Up Hope. The different point of the friend with her is, she never abandons hoping. 782. Well Done! You Are Always Doing A Good Job! Work well! You always work very outstandingly! 783. We're Planning A Tour To Italy This Summer. We plan to travel this summer to Italy. 784. Were There Any Letters For Me This Morning? The letter that there am me this morning? 785. Why Isn't Mrs. Lee's Cat Catching The Mice? Why is the cat of Mrs Li catching these mouse? 786. Your
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