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Daily English 900 (4)
901.Manners Are Quite Different From Country To Country. Of each country formal each are not identical. 902. Not Only Did I Know Her, but I Was Her Best Friend. I know her not only, still be she is bestFriend. 903. The Best-known Movie Awards Are The Academy Awards. The famousestThe filmAward is a the Oscar Award. 904. We've Got To Do Something About The Neighbor's Dog! We must take bit of action to the dog of neighbour! 905. Will You Come And Join Us For Dinner On Sunday? Come on Sunday and we in all is sup good? 906. Do You Think People Are A Company's Greatest Wealth? Do you think the person is the company's biggest money? 907. He Thinks Himself Somebody, but We Think Him Nobody. He is self-righteous anybody, but we feel his whats are. 908. I Believe I Haven't Reached The Summit Of My Career. I believe I had not reached the peak peak of the career. 909. It Is No Matter Whether You Get There Early Or Late. You arrive early to do not have a relation to evening. 910. It's Against The Rules To Handle The Ball In Soccer. The ball is touched to foul namely with the hand in the football. 911. The Nurse Assisted The Doctor In The Operating Room. The nurse assists a doctor to perform an operation in surgery. 912. What I Do On My Own Time Is Nobody Else's Business. What do I do to involve the issue of others far from in my time. 913. What I Want To Do Is Different From Those Of Others. I think those who do is as different as others. 914. You Forget To Write Down The Date Of Your Departure. You forgot to keep date leaving store. 915. "I Wish I'd Known About That Rule Earlier" , she Said. "If I know this rule is good earlier! " she says. 916. Could You Tell Me Your Secret For A Long, happy Life? You can tell me to live joy for longThe liferecipe? 917. He Holds A Position Of Great Responsibility Upon Him. He is holding the position of the place with a great liability. 918. It Is Said He Has SecretLove Affairs With Two Women! Allegedly he matters with two women privately! 919. Number 13 Buses Run Much More Frequently, don't They? 13 cars run more frequently, ? 920. They Are Only Too Delighted To Accept The Invitation. They are accepted very gladly invite. 921. We Are Going To Have The Final Examination Next Week. We hold final next week. 922. And Now Medical Care Helps To Keep People Alive Longer. Present hospital health care makes people vivid longer. 923. Do You Think You'll Be Able To Go To Sleep Fight Away? Do you think you can be asleep immediately? 924. I Am In Charge Of The Company When The Manager Is Out. I come to the hill when the manager is absent administrative company. 925. I Borrowed A Notebook From Tom And I Lent It To Marry. I from Shangmuna borrowed a jotter, I lend Marie it again. 926. I'm Doing Some Washing And John Is Cooking Dinner. I am washing the dress, john is making dinner. 927. Were There Any Exciting Incidents During Your Journey? The thing with exciting what do you have in the journey? 928. As Far As Policy Is Concerned, I Have To Say Something. Speak of policy, I get say a few words. 929. Could You Tell Me What The Maximum Weight Allowance Is? Can you tell me the greatest weight of baggage how to much limitation is? 930. He Came Out Of The Library, a Large Book Under His Arm. He is placing Ben Houshu, walked out of the library. 931. The Brothers Differ From Each Other In Their Interests. Each has his likes and dislikes of these a few brother. 932. Although We Can't See These Atoms, they Really Do Exist. Although we lose sight of atom, but they exist really. 933. I Am Familiar With The Casual Atmosphere In The Company. I feel very familiar to this kind of loosen atmosphere in the company. 934. Most People Eat, write, and Work With Their Fight Hands. Most person has a meal, write, the job uses the right hand. 935. Only By Working Hard Can We Succeed In Doing Everything. Try hard only, ability is successful 936. Take It Easy, you Will Be All Right In A Couple Of Days. . Do not worry, you are two days in with respect to meeting heal. 937. The Beatles Represented Part Of The Spirit Of Their Age. Beetle band represented the partial spirit of their times. 938. There Being No One To Help Me, I Had To Do It All Alone. Because do not have a person to help me, I must complete this work independently. 939. How Much Cloth Does It Take To Make A Skirt For The Girl? Does the girl do a skirt to want how to many cloth use? 940. With All These Mouths To Feed, he Didn't Know What To Do. Because so much person wants to make offerings to, it he does not know how to run ability is good that he does not know how to run ability. 941. I Forgot To Prepare The Speech I'm Supposed To Give Today. I forgot to prepare the presentation that I today's should make. 942. It's Supposed To Start At 6:30 Sharp, but I Doubt It Will. Should be whole 6:30, but I feel terrible. 943. On Behalf Of My Company, I Would Like To Welcome You Here. I welcome you to come here on behalf of our company. 944. She's Been Quite Different Since Coming Back From America. After coming back from the United States, her change is very big. 945. Today It Is Common That Women And Girls Make Up In Public. Today, in public see woman and girl make up dressing up is very general issue. 946. I Have To Transfer To No. Ll Bus, but Where Is The Bus Stop? I need change 11 buses, but where is the station? 947. I Supposed Him To Be Very Clever But He Was In Fact A Fool. I think he is very clever, actually he is a blockhead. 948. The Rabbit Ran To The Woods And Did Not Come Back Any More. Bunny ran into a forest to also did not come out again. 949. Tom And Mary Congratulated Us On The Birth Of Our Daughter. Tom and Marie are our daughter be born to us to express congratulation. 950. I Can't Help Eating Sweets Whenever They Are In My Presence. I whatever moment sees sweetmeat cannot help wanting to eat. 951. L Am Vacuuming The Floor Now And Have Several Shirts To Iron. I am clearing with the vacuum floor, still several shirts want to iron. 952. I Will Love You Until The Seas Run Dry And The Rocks Crumble. My general loves you till the seas run dry and the rocks crumble. 953. There is on river of There Is A Broken Small Old Gray Stone Bridge Over The River worm-eaten, old, gravelstone bridge of gray. 954. No Wonder People Say That Computers Are Taking Over The World. Pardonable someone says the computer is take-overing gradually the world. 955. The Enormous Increase Of Population Will Create Many Problems. Tremendous population growth will produce a lot of problems. 956. There's Nothing Better For You Than Plenty Of Water And Sleep. You had better drink water to rest more more. 957. You Should Always Depend On Yourself Rather Than Someone Else. You should be support yourself, and cannot other people. 958. I Would Like To Express To All Of You Here Our Sincere Welcome. Let me to be present you pays the truest welcome. '
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