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In English how elegant name-calling

TellEnglishDifficult, it is more difficult to quarrel. Though the person is in abroad to always think way,be in order to mix expensive, but how should quarrel to do with the family?
Lifetime of a lot of people is angry, all English forget light, common English says to be not exported, it is to quarrel what is more,the rather that more, what so have one's mind stuffed with emerges is not Fxxx it is Sxxx it is very bad so. I still had listened to have a person very absolutely, english has not abused a person
The home is scolded with Chinese, anyway the other side is understood understand do not not matter, important is to let him know you are very fierce, and you are scolding him to go. This collect still lets us see a few more cultured name-calling and the way that quarrel.

1.I'm So Fed Up With Your BS. CutThe Crap.
I suffer enough your gibberish, blather less.

Belle (American woman) it is not to like to say Shit of this indelicate word, so they say Shoot, or be BS(=Bull Shit) will express them or have temperament very much. "Cut Your Crap. "Cut Your Crap.. It is to become you to hear multiply words of the other side, tell when keeping, you can say, "Cut The Crap. "Cut The Crap.. Be equivalent to the gibberish little word in Chinese.

2.Hey! Wise Up!
Put clever drop?

When others made the issue with foolish what, you can say, "Don't Be Stupid" or it is "Don't Be Silly. "Don't Be Stupid" or it is "Don't Be Silly..  admire dainty is owed shallow 2 shine refute of vent in the sides of a garment pounds the view with a bit more polite? therefore is, wise Up! It is equivalent to Chinese in put clever drop. You also can say with the tone with firm harsh acid. Wise Up, please. Help the end news of Please intentionally longly those who grow next.

Also someone can say, hey! Grow Up. Is the meaning you it is good to be brought up? For example 20 years old of finish return somebody won't oneself fill the dress, you can say Hey! Grow Up. Is this Wise Up about the same also?

3.Put Up Or Shut Up.
Should you are done, shut up to me otherwise.

Some people go that ask for a favor namely, can give an opinion only, can say right now, put Up Or Shut Up. Those who want an attention is, it is to check the meaning that is less than him " to do " on Put Up dictionary, but mind not strange, the use on a lot of jotter is not investigated on the dictionary. Say you are writing form today for example, somebody does not understand to like to be in however obviously direct you aside, at that time you can say, put Up Or Shut Up.

Reinforce the mood of Shut Up to want sometimes, old beautiful meeting says it into, shut The F**k Up. This word often is in the dialog when 2 people anger is very great is OK hear, for exampleThe film Ghost of defect of heroine body of The House On The Haunted Hill
In house, other person when gabble, she said very angrily, shut The F**k Up.

This word also lets me think of an idiom, walk The Walk, talk The Talk, arrive that is to say be about, the dot resembles is the meaning that the knowing and doing in Chinese wants syncretic, or it is to say only, walk The Talk is OK also.
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