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In the final a letter from home of soldier of U.S. Army of Iraqi be killed in ba

Last Letters Home From An American Soldier Who Died In Iraq

To Son, cecil,

Just A Quick Note Preface Before I Start In Earnest. When I Wrote This You Were 8, still A Little Boy. In 2002, I Was Called To Active Duty InThe Marine Corps In The War On Terrorism. On The 11th Of September 2001 When America Was Attacked, I Knew That I Would Eventually Have To Go And I Was Filled With A Deep Sense Of Sadness. That Night As You And Keiko Were Asleep, I Looked At Your Little Faces And Couldn ' T Help But Fight The Tears. I Knew It Would Be Hard For You Because I Had A Similar Experience. When I Was A Little Boy Aged 6, my Dad, your Grandpa Cawley, was Sent To Vietnam During The War There. I Remember How Much I Missed Him, too. But Now Unfortunately I Have Come To Realise Just How Rough It Must Have Been For Grandpa To Be Away From His Children For A Year. Thinking About This, I Wanted To Put My Thoughts And Feelings Down For You And Your Sister. I Am So Sorry That I Had To Leave For Such A Long Time. There Is No Place I Would Rather Be Than With You And Keiko. You Two Are The Lights Of My Life. I Have Known No Greater Joy Than In The Few Years Since You Two Were Born. I Hope To Have Many More Years With You. If This Doesn ' T Happen, then Know That ILove You More Than Words Can Express. If For Some Reason I Don ' T Make It Home, I Will Need You To Take Care Of Your Little Sister And Your Mom. You Will Be The Man Of The Cawley Family. Be Good My Son And God Will Watch Over You As He Has Me. I Will Be Waiting Impatiently For The Time When We Can All Be Together Again.

All My Love, dad


(Two Days After Cawley ' S Death, his Last Letter Arrived At His Family ' S Home In Utah. Meal Ready To Eat of  of  of Written On The Packaging Of An MRE, the US Military ' It Consisted Of A Message In Japanese To His Wife And His Final Words To His Children of  of  of S Frontline Ration. The US Military ' It Consisted Of A Message In Japanese To His Wife And His Final Words To His Children of  of  of S Frontline Ration..

Dear Cecil And Keiko,

Hi Little Guys. How Are You? Daddy Is Fine. I Miss You. Send Me A Letter Okay. It Will Make Me Very Happy. I Am Proud Of You. You Are Such Good Kids. I Will See You Again.

Love, daddy

In the final a letter from home of soldier of U.S. Army of Iraqi be killed in battle
Give son Cecil Er:

Before beginning formally first simple say a few words. When I write this letter, you ability is 8 years old, still be a little boy. 2002, I am recruited to be in Marine Corps on active service, attend to fear a war instead. When the United States sufferred assault on September 11, 2001, I know I want after all, I feel deep grief for this. That day in the evening, when you and Hui Zi sleep soundly, I look at your small cheek, bear the tear in have sth in mind by force. I know next the day can be hardship to you, because I also had had similar experience. When I or a child of 6 years old when, my father, namely your grandfather takes an examination of benefit, be attended toward Vietnam by the clique the war over there. When I still remember becoming, I also am how the ground misses him. However unfortunate is, I begin to be experienced now, what your grandfather leaves his children one year is long, should be how thorny issue. Think of these, I plan to mix my idea experience you and your little sister to be written down. I am very sad must leave so long. Besides be together with you and Hui Zi, my where also does not wish to go. You two it is the ray in my life. You two a few years this after coming to this world, it is the happiest days in my life. I hope to still can be mixed you spend more years together. If the thing fails such, I hope you know my love to you cannot explain in words. If because of reason I cannot return the home again in, I need you to take care of your little sister and mom. You will be to take an examination of the man with familial benefit. A bit better, my child, if god calls in me, he can attend you. I can await our family one day anxiously.
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