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Beautiful words rises alive
Go up to be mixed with old beauty at the same time in ICQ occasionally old useful English chats, normally have more than is needed how long, the English that I can give this very quickly respectively is old beauty is old still medium English. Calculating is to use those individual character likewise, the English that old beauty uses has a kind of special taste namely. Because I detect,old beauty often is met " in other words " . The flavour of whole word is different. For example "me Too. For example "me Too.. Do not know without the person! But old beauty can use "me Too not merely. But old beauty can use "me Too not merely.. They still can use "same Here. They still can use "same Here.. Although Same follows Here,we are known, but we won't say "same Here. But we won't say "same Here.. Right! Actually this is the smell that I say. Everybody does not seek abstruse individual character and use blindly, the monomial phrase that wants to be used to daily life middling however instead should have the capacity that uses alive, such your beautiful words sound just can the ground. This everybody learns to learn these 10 simple use, see the beautiful signal that can let oneself rise alive.

1.Do You Have Any Pet Peeve?
What kind of strange trouble do you have?
So called Pet Peeve is a few indisposition on individual habits and customs, for example some of person does not like others to touch his computer, if you touch his computer,he is met grouchy, this is so called Pet Peeve. (Bad Habit of and rather than. ) normally Pet Peeve is more not affect the whole indisposition, almost everybody has the Pet Peeve that belongs to him himself. So old beauty has said with me, "Everybody Has His Pet Peeve. "Everybody Has His Pet Peeve.. Of course Pet Peeve often also becomes each other joking between word of old a story pasted on with approval topic. Remembering "Friends" having one market is both sides forces in answer more quickly than asking quickly, and the problem that has a kind among them is Pet Peeves. Pretty is interesting.
If be this bad habit attends a meeting greatly,affect others, resembling is to be in public often speak very loud, this is not Pet Peeve, and should be described with Annoying. For example I often listen to old beauty to complain, "Don't You Think He Is Annoying? "(don't you feel he is very irritated? "(don't you feel he is very irritated??

2.Maybe I'm Going Out On A Limb, but I Think We Still Have To Invest It.
Probably so make venture having a place, but I think us or should invest it.
Average person thinks of adventure, instinctive response is, "It's Risky" or it is "It's Dangerous. "It's Risky" or it is "It's Dangerous.. But old beauty likes to say on spoken language, "I'm Going Out On A Limb. "I'm Going Out On A Limb.. Will state this thing needs adventure. This Limb original intention is to point to branch, envisage climb spray to go up when your swarm, when don't you know spray to meet broken? This kind of not certain crisis feels, namely why old beauty should use "Go Out On A Limb. Namely why old beauty should use "Go Out On A Limb.. Will represent adventurous account. For example you come to the side of a clear river, you want to swim very much, but all around do not have lifeguard again, at this moment you can say, "Maybe I'm Going Out On A Limb, but I Think I Am Gonna Try It. But I Think I Am Gonna Try It.. (I know so make venture having a place, but I still should have a try. But I still should have a try..
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