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Newfangled beautiful words nots allow 60 sentences to miss!
1.It's Not Like That. Either in that way

It's Not Like That. This word is to use those who refute a rumor. Misconstrued the cause and effect of a thing when others, you can say It's Not Like That with him. " either in that way. " what reach situation as mood of course is different, it's Not Like That. This word also is the cover that you use hard bend so as to breakstubborn likely.

2.There Is Nothing Good Playing. Had done not haveThe filmCan look

The There's Nothing Good Playing here. It is to ask then sentence and those who come, those who point to is " can look without good movie "

Same, if can look without good program on TV, you can say There's Nothing Good On TV.

3.I've Gotten Carried Away. I am pulled too far.
Means of literal of Get Carried Away " was taken away " , so what is what be taken away? It is idea.

Become you or be other the problem left when talking, deviate gist is pulled far. You can use I've / You've Gotten Carried Away of this expression law.

4.Good Thing. . . Not bad, fortunately...

If want expression,be in among beautiful words in Chinese " not bad, fortunately... " mood, you can use Good Thing. . . Make start.

This sentence pattern is very simple good with, it is OK that you should impose complete sentence at the back of Good Thing only.

5.I Don't Believe You're Bringing This Up. You raise this issue now is darned really

You raise this issue now is darned Bring Something Up really it is to point to " mention (some thing) " . Of course the circumstance can have two sides of positive and negative. If you did not think of the other side can mention this thing is denounced scold, you can say I Don't Believe You're Bringing This Up. . And on the contrary, if you are very glad that the other side mentioned actively a thing, you also can use this phrase, speak I Am Glad You Are Bringing This Up naturally.

6.Spy On. . . With inspect (someone)
Spy this word is " emissary " . The meaning nature that uses when the verb is " the thing that does spy " , namely " surveillant, dog " meaning. Should monitor when you dog someone, spy On Someone says in beautiful words.

7.There's No Other Way Of Saying It. Did not fasten kind of view

Occasionally no matter how you turn again, again how bend so as to breakstubborn, also do not have method more mild and indirect or it is escape the word that a few absolutely conferences appear, at that time you can use There's No Other Way Of Saying It. This word, will convey oneself to avoid embarrass without what can avoid, because " did not fasten kind of view. "

8.That Will Not Always BeThe Case. The circumstance won't be forever such
This word has Case " circumstance " meaning, that Will Be The Case. Point to namely " the circumstance can be such. " but if you feel present circumstance can be temporary only, won't long, you are OK on the contrary That Will Not Always Be The Case. " the circumstance won't be forever such. "
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