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Force of thinking of the English after 12 years old reduces an expert to suggest

Join WTO as our country, increasingly as close together as world connection, EnglishIn peopleThe lifeWith the position with be being held significant in the job. More and more parents realize, english of universal language of this one internationalLearn, will be the child goes abroad study abroad, make high quality handsome appearance, enter a brick picked up to knock on the door and thrown away when it has served its purpose-a stepping-stone to success of internationalization enterprise. Current, little the heat of English study rises ceaselessly, after all a few years old let the child begin to learn English, baffled indeed many parents.

3-5 year old, get run the child " the language starts key period "

Consider domestic and internationally to already all proved: 3, 12 years old areLifeStudy the optimal period of the 2nd mother tongue, among them, 3-5 year old it is the optimal starting period of time that learns the 2nd parent language.

A well-known English science adviser expresses, 3, 5 years old, the key that is cheeper language development period, language development of the child will produce the change of world-shaking in this one period. In this phase, the child begins self-conscious ground, treat pronunciation conciously, the vocabulary may achieve saltant type growth. The key that holds child development in time period, for them the language environment with favorable activate and association are mixed mobile opportunity, apply the most advanced the training that undertakes language and skill go up with proper educational way is affected to the child special big.

Exceed 12 years old to build English thinking very hard again

3-12 year old the child's language receives a system to assume open position, what learning at the language is sensitive period or key period, its language imitates ability strong, reflect especially studying speech aspect, of antonym sound hold most sterling. The child of this age level, want to have particular language environment only, the be used to of the language must not need to understand through thinking secondhand, have the aid of is comprehended directly at the language environment at that time and study content and accept however, review naturally.

System of child Chinese thinking already very mature, learn English to be able to get the interference of Chinese, become a tradition finally ' interpret of English-Chinese each other ' , namely we often say ' mother tongue is disturbed ' . Missed 3-12 year old the gold period of language study, the age is older, learn to remove English more demanding, and the parent language that also cannot learn so that resemble oneself forever is so good.

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