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Institute of Sichuan foreign language: With innovation casting with respect to c

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End before long before 2008BeijingOlympic Games sports meet, make come fromSichuanForeign languageInstituteThe classmate of exposed to the sun of news transmission institute is unusually excited. The biggest feeling when revealing scene of spirit of the Chinese nation to serve for this as a volunteer is: Bank Nie kneecap wrings Φ of miserly of ⒅ of W of  of Zi of pain or numbness caused by cold ancienting name for a water catltrop the volunteer service that Piao? our ability is foreign guest to offer high quality during Beijing quite.

In the prize-giving ceremonially of the United Nations General Assembly of imitate of 2008 Asias international, with one action of group of U.N. of imitate of institute of Sichuan foreign language is obtained " optimal delegation " , two " optimal delegate " mix " award of optimal footing file " in all 4 large award, it is the school with this second match most bear the palm. All those present are in acclaim for it while, also can't help admiring: ? of 5 difficult  is in box of engrave of Xiu of  of health She of dizzy Da of this  vinegar with YaleUniversity, university of cropland of early rice of courtyard of British London plutonomy, Japan, in be the same as an athletics, the student of 79 domestic and international famous colleges such as Beijing University, Tsinghua shows itself! Of the commissioner in prize-giving ceremony comment on spoke therein cause: Yi respects bogus to heat up  the field of vision that collective of the student outside? plain showed expanse, wide knowledge range, good communication meet an emergency and group efforts ability.

Defeat difficult problem of solution talent quality

This year on two meetings, when Premier Wen Jiabao speaks of education, emphasize again " improve higher education quality " . Institute of Sichuan foreign language has education " ability of international eye shot, communication " the education target that fixed position of talent of high quality concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals is him.

Ma Xinfa of Party committee secretary is having original knowledge to this: Ang  is comfortable right ah the pen invades Nuo of  of key changing Kou salt of  of caries of  of grandma of archives of bed of ⑶ of male male Chu battles illuminate? of bed of the foot of mountain can blend in the world already, do not close the country to international communication, can defend a country again authority, do not lose way. "Exchange gift " it is point to national condition of know well ripe foreign country and culture, of the communication with adept foreign language, fluent, can alert and resourceful meet an emergency and seek common points while reserving difference sagacious, with the person contact with of setting of different language culture, achieve harmonious society, the purpose of joint development.

"Trend world, arrive first plain outside " , chongqing person often evaluates institute of Sichuan foreign language so. In the volunteer of 100 Olympic Gameses that decides in Chongqing city, come from plain the student outside occupied 45. "In choose process, we emphasize choose volunteer wanting to highlight the characteristic of mutiple level, much territory, advantage of the broad field of vision that spot of the student outside Dan Chuan shows, language and integrated quality, let a person really hard give up. " a few commissioners happen to coincide say.

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